We are all responsible

A couple of years ago, the first mammal to be declared extinct as a direct result of human-induced climate change was announced. Some may say that because the Bramble Cay Melomys lived on just one low lying island off the coast of Australia that this was inevitable. However, although this may be true, the fact remains, as a species, we are directly responsible for the loss of another.

Those lazy days when we get in the car to hop around the corner, turn the heating up one or two extra degrees or jet off on our summer holidays. We are playing our part. Even if we recycle, conserve energy, walk or ride our bikes we are still consuming goods and services that are aiding in global warming and sea level change.

It is only when we all work together and play our part that we can secure our planet. Not only for future generations but also for the diverse flora and fauna that we share this wonderful planet with.

One of the biggest driving forces behind creating Dagcoin was to play a part in securing this better future. In this week’s post, we will explain how Dagcoin is helping to save the planet.

Cuts down the need for paper

Almost all fiat currencies, including the dollar, pound, and euro use paper money as well as metal coins. This is made worse by the fact that paper money simply doesn’t last very long. The average one dollar bill remains in circulation for just 18 months. This compares to 25 years for a 1 cent coin.

This means that many trees are required each year in order to make paper for money. And it is not just for the money. If you go to your local bank branch you will likely be asked to fill in forms or sign documents. On top of that, you may well receive bank statements and even offers from your bank in the post, using yet more paper. On top of this, chemicals are also used in the money-making process. These cause a lot of damage to local water sources, natural habitats and farmland.

Dagcoin-blog-4 Ways Dagcoin is Protecting the Environment

Having a cashless system, like that provided by Dagcoin, means that no trees are needed to make paper money or the scores of paper documents your bank may produce regarding you or to send to you. On top of this, no poisonous chemicals are entering into the air or natural water sources. Leaving more trees to absorb CO2 and fewer habitats affected by poisonous chemicals.

Cuts down the need for plastic

Not only is paper used in the money making process, but also plastic. In fact, some countries, such as Australia, use money which is entirely made out of plastic. Although this may be very useful for the fact that it doesn’t rip. And it won’t disintegrate in your pocket when you go for that post work surf. Its consequences for the environment are very clear.

Plastic takes around 1000 years to decompose in a regular landfill site. Not only does it take thousands of years to decompose, but it also releases hazardous chemicals when it does. In a landfill, these chemicals can be contained, but when you look at and see the countless news reports on the amount of plastic waste in our oceans, the future consequences are beyond devastating.

Although credit and debit cards are very useful in our daily lives, the fact they are made almost entirely of plastic means that using them is having a negative effect on our planet. Because Dagcoin is a virtual currency and all payments are made virtually, there is no need not just for physical money, but also debit and credit cards. Reducing plastic waste and the hazardous chemicals released when it degrades.

Dagcoin promotes nature conservation

A couple of months ago Dagcoin teamed up with the Clean World Conference to help plan the cleaning of our planet. In 2018 over 17 million people from 157 countries simultaneously came together on World Cleanup Day to clean waste from beaches, streets, rivers, and even forests.

People and businesses could take part in the event as volunteers, sponsors or partners. As this is a cause that Dagcoin is passionate about there was only one choice. To partner with the conference and event, not just to help in organising the event, but to spread the word and get more people involved.

Dagcoin-blog-4 Ways Dagcoin is Protecting the Environment

Creating awareness

“If you want to change the world, first change yourself”! It’s a well knowing saying, but it really works. Just 10 years ago only 50,000 people took part in World Cleanup Day, and look where it is now. One person brings a friend, one business attracts another. It really does snowball! There is no better feeling than helping someone else or our planet.

Dagcoin was created from the ground up, not just as a groundbreaking digital currency that anyone can use anywhere. But as a currency that champions the protection and preservation of our planet.

Partnering with the Clean World Conference didn’t just help people to become aware of the event, but also encouraged more businesses to join the cause. The more people and businesses that are working towards preserving our planet the cleaner our oceans will be, the less waste we will create, and the more habitats we will preserve.

Take a look in the mirror, and make that change..!


We have reached a critical time in the history of our planet. At no previous point in time has one organism changed it so much and put countless species into the annals of history or at the brink of extinction as a direct result of human-induced climate change or the destruction of habitats.

By creating a virtual currency, Dagcoin reduces the need for paper money. Keeping more trees standing to absorb CO2 and reduce the effects of climate change. In the process, preserving homes for countless species. On top of that, the virtual nature of the currency reduces the need for plastics in the form of debit and credit cards. Our landfills and seas are awash with plastics that not only take thousands of years to degrade but when they do, they release hazardous chemicals. Reducing the use of plastics will reduce this poisoning of our planet.

In March Dagcoin partnered with the Clean World Conference to help plan and promote World Cleanup Day. An event that saw 17 million people from 157 countries come together to clean beaches, streets, rivers, and even forests in 2018. This partnership has encouraged more people and businesses to join the cause. And this is just the beginning.

Join us in preserving our beautiful planet!

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