Is your business thinking about accepting dagcoins as a payment method? Or are you interested in the benefits the merchants have by accepting dagcoins? Then this is the post for you!

The Dagcoin community is growing. Currently, the currency has more than 150,000 users worldwide. Not only does it have a growing base of users, but also of businesses using and accepting the currency. At present nearly 250 companies accept dags as a payment method.

As time goes by more and more companies will start accepting dagcoins too as a result of the demand created by the growing community of users. All the businesses that currently accept dags can be found on the merchant finder. Not only can you see the other businesses that are accepting the currency, but you can communicate with and build links with other businesses that also accept the currency. Helping you to make business partnerships and grow your brand.

Not convinced yet that accepting Dagcoin payments is right for your business? Here are 5 great reasons that are sure to convince you…

Super-fast payments

Payments with cryptocurrencies built on the blockchain, like Bitcoin, can take many minutes, hours or even days to go through. In fact, the average time for a Bitcoin payment at the moment is 73 minutes. With Dagcoin it takes under 10 seconds. The time it takes for blockchain payments is set to get slower too as more and more people use them because these currencies rely on payments being confirmed by other users of the currency. As Dagchain based currencies like Dagcoin don’t require confirmations from users they will not get slower over time, in fact, they will get faster as the systems and connections improve.

This not only means that funds from your customers will reach your account almost instantaneously, but also that there is no need to worry about hold ups or delays in receiving the payment. Not having to wait for payments to arrive and having these funds available in your account will make it easier for you to run your business on a daily basis, whether it is buying new stock, accounting, paying bills or employee wages.

A currency growing in value

Secondly, as a business, you will own currency with the potential to grow in value. As the number of users of the currency and merchants that accept it grows, the demand for dagcoins will also grow.

Because there is a fixed number of dagcoins (no more will be produced in the future), as demand increases in the currency the value of them will also increase. As mentioned, currently there are 150,000 users of the currency and 250 businesses accepting dagcoins, therefore there is a lot of room for the currency to grow in the future. However, it is worth noting here that if the number of users and merchants accepting the coin decreases, the value of dags will also go down.

Easy to use tools

In order for the currency to grow and more businesses to start using it, we have created a suite of free to use and download software. At the moment you can download plugins that allow you to simply and easily start accepting dagcoins on your online store, as well as software that helps you to create and send invoices to your clients or business partners in seconds. In addition to this, we are looking into having a point of sale system that allows you to accept payments in your shop, restaurant, gym or any other business where customers make payments in person.

Not only have we created these tools for you, but it is also key for us to continue building and improving these to make it easier and easier for you as business owners to accept and make payments with dagcoins. That is why we are and will continue to improve our payment system Dagpay, the Dagcoin wallet DagWallet, as well as our next benefit the…

Merchant Finder

We haven’t just created a currency with super-fast payments and tools that make it easy for you to accept dags, we have also created a free to join portal for all businesses that accept dagcoins. Being on this portal does not just enable you to see other businesses that accept the currency, but also the ability to contact one another. Whether you are looking for partners to help you expand in to new markets, new suppliers or new distributors for your products, you may well find them here.

The big plus with making partnerships with other businesses who accept dagcoins is you can pay one another in the currency. Because sending Dagcoin payments is so fast and so cheap. Making international payments for goods and services that were expensive and slow, now become instantaneous and for a tiny fraction of the previous cost.

More than 150,000 users

Dagcoin has a community of 150,000 users, and that is a number that is growing all the time. By becoming part of our merchant finder you will not just be visible and able to make links with other businesses, all Dagcoin users will be able to see that they can spend their dags with you. Whether you are a freelancer, online shop owner or run a café, it is great exposure to thousands of potential customers.

In today’s world, there is unprecedented competition between companies, it is becoming difficult to stand out from the crowd and be noticed by customers. So many companies are fighting hard to keep existing customers, while at the same time looking for ways to grow their customer base. This is a tricky balance to find.

Accepting Dagcoin payments allows you to attract new customers to your business from the user community, while also giving your existing customers a cheap, fast and safe alternative payment method.


In this article we have given you 5 great reasons for your business to start accepting Dagcoin:

  1. Super-fast payments – Payments with dagcoins take just 10 seconds.
  2. A currency growing in value – As the Dagcoin community grows, the value of the currency will also grow.
  3. Easy to use tools – We have created a fantastic suite of free to download and easy to install tools that make it simple and fast to start accepting and making Dagcoin payments.
  4. Merchant Finder – This portal allows you to find and see other businesses who accept dagcoins. You can also contact them and build new business partnerships.
  5. A growing community – Dagcoin has over 150,000 users and this number is growing all the time. They could become your newest customers…

Accepting dagcoins is a great way to expand your business. Begin today, it’s free and easy!

Have a question? Get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

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