Bitcoin compared to Dagcoin

What are the differences between Bitcoin & Dagcoin?

First, what is Bitcoin?

Now, let's compare them side by side




Person to Person payments (P2P)

Have easy-to-use wallet for sending coins?

Transactions are 100% discrete?

You can use them in every county

Everyone can sign up and start using it? For free? No paperwork?

Does NOT waste electricity for mining?

Capable of handling "x" transactions per second


Everybody in the world can make a transaction at the same time

Fee for sending 10 USD

1.44 USD

~0.0005 USD

Fee for sending 10 000 USD

3.35 USD

~0.0005 USD

Transaction confirmation time

30 min - 3 hours

Few minutes in the beginning, INSTANTLY in the future


Launched in 2008. Very well known.

Launched in 2017. Not well known. Yet!

Score: 7 of 11

Score: 10 of 11

See how easy it is to use dags

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