When we look around our homes it is almost certain that we have things that are worth something that we don’t use anymore. But what can we do with these? There really are only 3 options:

  • Throw them away
  • Give them away
  • Sell them

At the same time, there are probably things that we need, but the cost of buying them brand new is just too high or the product is simply just not made anymore – for example, antiques and collectibles. That is why since the mid 90’s sites such as eBay and Gumtree have been so successful. Because they link the person who has something, with the person who needs it.

At the same time, these sites have opened a whole new possibility – to earn money from selling things online. This gives people the chance to sell items they make themselves or to make a living from buying and selling things. Not only that, these sites give small businesses a shop window in which they can sell their products to customers nationally and internationally.

Dagcoin has nearly 1000 merchants accepting it as a payment method, but what if there is something you need that the merchants don’t sell, you would like to sell something to get some extra dags, or you would like to earn a little extra income each month from selling things online?

That is exactly why we developed Dagmarket. So let us tell you all about it…

What is Dagmarket

Very simply Dagmarket connects people who wish to sell, with people who wish to buy. Getting started couldn’t be easier, all you need to do is set up an account, and then you are free to place an item for sale or contact a seller about an item for sale. It really is that easy.

A quick look on the Dagmarket today will show you that you really can buy or sell anything, from cars to baby chairs and from jars of honey to plots of land. But don’t worry about having to search through lots of irrelevant products to find the one you really want. All products are placed into well-organized categories such as electronics, home, and fashion, and then further sub-categorized into groups such as computers & tablets, furniture and women’s clothing. If you are looking for a very specific item, use the search bar at the top of the page.

You have a number of other great features to help you in your search too, you can filter by the price you are willing to pay (minimum to maximum) products in the country where you live or internationally, from a lower price to higher and vice versa, and from the newest listings first to oldest (and vice versa) to name just a few. It really couldn’t be easier to buy and sell on Dagmarket.

How to Buy and Sell

 Whether you wish to sell the old bicycle you rarely use or buy a new sofa for your home, Dagmarket is perfect for you! But just how do you buy and sell items on the portal:

How to Buy on Dagmarket – The first thing you need to do is open a Dagmarket account. Once you have done that feel free to look through the listings. If there is something, in particular, you would like either type the product into the search bar at the top of the screen or use the dropdown menus to find the relevant section your product will be in. If you happen to find the thing you really want and the price is good, contact the seller and arrange the deal.

How to Sell on Dagmarket – They say a picture is worth a thousand words and it really is true when it comes to selling products online. Therefore once you have set up your Dagcoin account, the most important thing for you to do is to take great pictures of the thing you want to sell. Don’t forget to write a thorough description of your item too, including any flaws it may have. Honesty really is the best policy. Pricing your item is key too, price it too high and it may not sell. Price it low and it may sell quickly, but not for its true value. If somebody is interested in your item they will contact you. At that point, it is up to you to finalize the deal, including the price and shipping arrangements.

List your unwanted items on Dagmarket -> https://dagmarket.com/

How to Earn

Since the economic crash in 2008 wage levels have stayed stagnant, but the cost of living has continued to increase. This has meant we have all had to watch our money more carefully than before and for some of us to seek a second job or an additional source of income.

Do you make products at home, maybe you like to buy and sell goods for profit, or you have a small business and you want to make your products available to more people. Dagmarket is perfect for you.

Dagmarket doesn’t just offer the possibility to buy and sell goods, but also services. Maybe you are qualified to teach English as a second language, can create websites, or you are a handyman able to fix anything under the sun. Offering your services on Dagmarket could lead to the extra income you were looking for. 

Sell your products on Dagmarket -> https://dagmarket.com/


Dagmarket is an easy to use platform that makes it possible to buy and sell different products using your dags. You can buy and sell anything from jars of honey to plots of land (two things available right now). Not only can you buy and sell products but services too.

Buying and selling couldn’t be easier too. If you are selling take some great pictures, write an accurate description and price it fairly. For buyers find the item you want and contact the seller. Arrange your price and shipping arrangements and make the deal. It’s that easy.

The development team is currently working on additional functionality for the platform. These include an escrow payment system, which will make it possible to pay directly on the platform.

Dagmarket provides the opportunity for the Dagcoin community to connect and transact with one other, empowering people to use and earn dagcoins. Something that is crucial if Dagcoin is to become the most usable cryptocurrency in the universe.

Start buying, selling and earning on Dagmarket!