Managing a business is difficult. You are always juggling a million things all at the same time. Worker demands, client requests, accounts, new products, and projects – just to name a few. Therefore, you are not just always looking for ways to streamline your business, but to work more efficiently. And all for one reason – to succeed.

And the fact is, it has never been more pressing than now as we are in uncertain times, not caused by our competition, but an invisible virus and a looming financial crisis. What is guaranteed from this crisis is that some businesses will fold, and some will reach new heights they never could have expected.

But what can you do to give yourself the best chances of being in the second group of companies rather than the first?

Join the Dagcoin Community

If you have yet to do so, joining the Dagcoin community could be just what your business needs. Not just to survive, but to shine. This is because Dagcoin has around 500,000 users and that number is continuing to grow daily. This is enough to turn a local business into an international one, get a new idea of the ground, or replace lost footfall at your business premises. 

When you join you will get access to a whole suite of free software that will help you to quickly and easily start accepting Dagcoin payments at your business location and/or online. Along with other tools that will help you to manage your finances and send invoices in seconds. 

To join over 1000 businesses who already accept Dagcoin as a payment option, click here to read our simple get started guide.

Get Yourself on Merchant Finder

The Merchant Finder is probably the best free marketing you will ever get. This is because the website helps Dagcoin users find businesses in their local area and beyond who accept Dagcoin as a payment option.

All businesses that accept Dagcoin can set up an account on the Merchant Finder website for free. After you have set up your account, your business is now visible to around 500,000 potential new clients.

When setting up your account, take your time to write an engaging description of your business and choose an attractive picture. If you have not updated your merchant finder profile in a little while, it might be time to update it a little. All because, the more engaging your profile is, the more customers you will attract!

New Tools To Help You

At Dagcoin we are always working to produce new platforms and services that will help make your lives easier and help you to attract more customers. That is why we are currently in the process of developing the following three products, specially designed to help you optimize your work, as well as attract new customers and keep existing ones:

1. Stock Management Tool

It is so important for shops, bars, distributors and many other businesses to do regular stock checks. Doing regular inventories doesn’t just let you know how much stock you have, it helps you and your accountant report income tax more accurately, evaluate which stock is selling better or worse, minimize loss and theft, and helps you to identify stock that is obsolete or out of date.

If you own a restaurant, salon or other business that does regular stock checks, you will know how time-consuming a stock check can be, with many of you having lost countless evenings and weekends to it.

The stock management tool has been designed to help you have a complete overview of your inventory at all times. Giving you the information you need whenever you need it. Not just saving you time, but also money. Being more aware of your stock and what is selling well will also help you to identify which products to promote more, which to offer for a discount, and guide you in which new products may sell well.

Just having this information at your fingertips is enough to turn a failing business into a successful one.

2. Special Offers

Special offers can help boost your business in so many ways.  They can help you to meet sales goals, free up space in your storeroom for new stock, attract new clients, re-engage with previous customers, boost sales across the board, and promote your business to new markets, demographics, and regions.

You will likely have in mind a least one special offer you offered your clients in the past that was a huge success, and one you would like to replicate more – especially in the difficult business environment that we are experiencing at the moment.

This is why we are in the process of creating a platform that allows you to make special offers directly to the Dagcoin community. Helping you to attract more new customers and expand your loyal customer base. 

3. Vouchers

Vouchers are a great way to boost your business for two main reasons. Firstly, they can be used to reward loyal customers, for example, a discount voucher on their next purchase. And, secondly, as an additional product which you can sell as a gift option. Consequently reducing churn and attracting new clients respectively.

This is why we are creating a virtual voucher system for Dagcoin merchants, that will enable you to offer or sell vouchers to clients in return for a certain product or service.


We are heading into undoubtedly a very difficult time for business. Attracting new customers and keeping hold of loyal ones has probably never been more important. For companies who have yet to join the Dagcoin community, this is your time to do so. By joining and registering your business on the Merchant Finder website, your business will become visible to around 500,000 users of Dagcoin worldwide.

For those who are already part of the community, we are in the process of developing the following 3 tools that will help you out in the future:

  • A stock management tool that has been designed to give you a full overview of your inventory at all times, saving you precious time in stock checks and making you more aware of what is selling well, what is not, and what is out of date/obsolete.
  • A special offers tool that will make it possible to share offers directly with the Dagcoin community. Attracting new clients and reconnecting with old ones.
  • A virtual voucher system that allows you to offer and sell vouchers using dagcoins. Either helping you to retain existing customers or attract new ones through gifting.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will have a lot more platforms and services coming your way. Stay tuned! 

Join a community of over 1000 businesses accepting Dagcoin