A new solution for DAG-chain based cryptocurrencies has been developed by Dagcoin, which has solved the transaction fee problem faced by users. It can be both a basis for new cryptocurrencies and an addition to existing ones.

Transfers with cryptocurrency require commission payments to the owner of the platform which enables users to use the platform. Basically, it means that users would have to constantly exchange currency for the owner to enable its service. Dagcoin has made the payment of commissions of cryptocurrencies based on the DAG-chain automatic, meaning users need only keep one cryptocurrency within their wallet to exchange between currencies.

Commission fees, when exchanging cryptocurrencies, serve as protection against spam transfers and motivation for platform owners to be mindful of security. However, these can become a hindrance when the platform is used for creating new digital assets or cryptocurrency. The transfer fees are applied in the original currency of the platform and sets up major challenges for any further development.

The platforms based on the DAG-chain however considerably simplify this process, meaning not only easier access for basic users, but new opportunities for developers as well. )

While the new solution has been developed by Dagcoin, it will also be applied on another DAG-chain based currency Byteball. When comparing to blockchain, transactions within the DAG-chain are faster, with lower commission and can be done in a greater amount in a second.

The first phase of the Dagcoin development reached its final stages in late 2017, but updates and new additions are ongoing.