With the holiday season fast approaching, and many brick and mortar stores closed due to the effects of the COVID-19, we’re sure that many of you are struggling to find the perfect gift for your friends, family, and loved ones. Even without the pandemic bearing over us this winter, attempting to find the perfect, personalised gift for certain people can often prove to be a gargantuan task.

It’s for these reasons that gift cards prove to be so popular. They enable the receiver to get whatever it is they’d like, and relieve a lot of unnecessary stress on the buyer. 

You’re probably wondering what on earth gift cards have to do with cryptocurrencies.

For those of you in the crypto sphere, the advantages of cryptocurrencies are clear, but it’s fair to say that the majority of the population is still very cautious about using them. The Dagcoin gift card gives your chosen person/people that helpful little nudge to give crypto a try and see it for themselves, but it doesn’t stop there…

Getting Started Is Easy

A quick google search of “how to buy cryptocurrency” will result in a long list of crypto exchanges, many new and confusing terms and worst of all conflicting information on how to get started. This is made worse by the most popular YouTube how-to videos on the topic being well over 30 minutes long.

One of the main obstacles to getting started and mass adoption of cryptocurrency, in general, is the complicated process to acquire it.

You need to choose which cryptocurrency you want to use, the exchange you wish to buy from, sign up and set up an account with them, choose the wallet you wish to use (and there are many), verify your identity and configure your security settings, to name but a few. And it’s very fair to say that it is a daunting process and amount of information for any newcomer, no matter how keen they are.

The Dagcoin gift card is the perfect entry point for those who are completely new to cryptocurrencies because it removes almost all of these complicated steps. When your chosen person receives their gift card all they have to do is redeem it, download the DagWallet and they are ready to start spending, saving or earning (Dagcoin Grow) their newly acquired dags.

Suitable for Any Occasion

There are so many occasions to give a gift. A birthday, Christmas, wedding, graduation, valentine’s day, to name but a few. And finding a suitable present can always be a bit of a minefield.

The Dagcoin gift card is a suitable present for any occasion for a number of reasons. You may have a friend, family member or work colleague who is interested in cryptocurrency but hasn’t got started yet. The gift card is, therefore, a little nudge in the right direction and a risk-free way for them to give it a try.

We all have friends and family who live far away, and who we may be unable to see in person this festive season. Sending gifts internationally is very expensive, as is transferring them money. Because the Dagcoin gift card is virtual – the physical card is coming soon – this means that you can send the gift to anyone, anywhere in the world, and at any time – even at the last minute!

A regular gift card locks you to a certain store, it could be a clothes store, tech store, grocery store, etc. There are nearly 1,000 businesses around the world who accept Dagcoin as a payment method. This means that the receiver of a Dagcoin gift card has an incredible amount of places to spend these on whatever it is they may like.

And last, but not least, they can exchange these dags back to the currency of the nation they live in if they wish, but of course, we would not recommend that!

A Gift that Grows in Value

In the UK, of the £6 billion worth of gift cards bought each year, around £300 million are never redeemed. The biggest reason for this is that the expiry date or period is often not well advertised and different companies offer different periods – some as short as six months, but most not exceeding one year. I am sure I am not alone in having had a number of gift cards expire before spending them.

This is why with the Dagcoin Gift Card we have made the unprecedented step of creating a 50-year expiry date. This means if it accidentally ends up at the bottom of a drawer, falls down behind something, or life is just too busy to redeem your dags, you can still do this many months or even years later.

With the value of dagcoin steadily increasing in value, this is a gift that could easily change someone’s life in a dramatic way down the line.

The Dagcoin Gift Card is available in both physical and digital forms, and can be purchased with most standard credit or debit cards.

If you’d like to purchase your first Dagcoin Gift Card in time for the holidays, simply head to https://giftcard.dagcoin.org/ to get started!