What’s the price of dagcoin
and how is it calculated?

The current price of dagcoin is 

The price of the dagcoin is based on two fundamental values - the size of the user community and the number of merchants accepting dags. The bigger the community, the higher the price of dagcoins.

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The value calculation formula

Users: 720 000
Equals to: 0.72 €/dag
Merchants: 1500
Equals to: 0.15 €/dag
Price is 0.72 € + 0.15 € =

The key benefits of basing the price of dagcoin on fundamental value instead of market value

Real value

Cryptocurrencies on trading platforms are being manipulated by the media and extremely rich. If the price of a currency increases on the exchange, does it mean that the currency has improved? No, right?! With dagcoin, the real value comes whenever new users or merchants join the community.

Suitable for merchants

Basing the price of dagcoin on fundamental value gives confidence to merchants. They can be sure that the price is stable and does not fluctuate day to day. In addition, the Dagcoin ecosystem contains many components that make it simple for merchants to accept dags.


Dagcoin price is calculated at the beginning of each month. Every new 1000 merchants and 100 000 users will grow the price by 0.10€ respectively. The more users and merchants join during the month, the higher the price grows. If the community shrinks, the price will decrease as well.

Safe for storing

A major concern is the volatility of different cryptocurrencies as they are treated as financial instruments, only good for making a profit. Users of dagcoin can trust to store their savings in dags as their funds will not be affected by the news and everyday trading.

Frequently asked questions about dagcoin pricing

Why should the price of dagcoin increase when the user community grows?

A currency with only one user is worthless, right? At the same time, cryptocurrency with 7 billion users would be priceless. A big community means more stability and usability, providing many opportunities for the future.

Why should the price of dagcoin increase when the merchant community grows?

We aim to create a community of merchants that accept dags and provide better usability for the coin. There won’t be a need to exchange dagcoins to any other currency as everything can be bought for dags.

Is the price of dagcoin always going to be calculated on fundamental value?

No. Once the Dagcoin community is large enough that the price won’t be affected and manipulated by the media and extremely rich, only then it is sensible to base the price of dagcoin on market value.

Is it possible for the price of dagcoin to decrease in value?

Yes. We are only counting the active users of dagcoin so if someone sells all their dags, deletes their wallet, or stops accepting dags as a merchant, then the community shrinks and the price decreases.