Crypto Loans


The Crypto Loans service is an option to take a loan and use dagcoins as collateral. The loans will be given out on reasonable interest rates and terms. As there is a sufficient collateral, there is no need for guarantors or extra background checks. In case the loan can not be paid pack, merchants can purchase the collateral dags back for a discount price.


Crypto Loans is a suitable solution for those who need to take a loan to cover different expenses but are not granted a loan elsewhere as they lack a collateral. These people can now use their dagcoins as collateral.


Currently, the Crypto Loans service is in the development phase. Stay tuned!

Getting dagcoins is simple

We have developed many ways for you to become a part of the Dagcoin community. Either purchase dagcoins from our SwipeX exchange, redeem a Dagcoin Gift Card, or start accepting dags with your business. Explore and choose the best option for you!

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