Dagcoin Custody is a functionality that provides an opportunity to manage risks and avoid any fraudulent activity through a secure escrow system. Before a product is handed over or shipped to an interested party, the buyer needs to deposit the agreed upon amount of money into escrow. Once the money has arrived, the seller will be notified and the product can be shipped or handed with confidence. After that, the money will be received by the seller.


Dagcoin Custody boosts the confidence of both the sellers and buyers of different products and services. The sellers can be sure that they will receive the agreed upon funds for a product or service, whilst the buyers know that no money will be received by the seller if goods are not delivered.

The more confidence people have, the more trades will happen. This will eventually increase the overall usability of dags as the escrow system will be integrated into various platforms of the Dagcoin ecosystem. This is a major enhancement that will create the feeling of security and confidence within the community.


Dagcoin Custody will be integrated into various platforms within the Dagcoin ecosystem. Currently, the functionality is in development.

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