Gift Cards


Dagcoin Gift Card is the ideal present for your friends, colleagues or family – something that opens the door for them to the world of cryptocurrency and Dagcoin. The gift cards are suitable for every occasion – anniversary, birthday, or even Christmas.

These cards hold dagcoins and they can be gifted as a virtual gift card or, in the future, as a physical gift card as well. Once the card has been redeemed, the dags will appear on the redeemer’s Dagcoin wallet. The coins to fund Dagcoin Gift Cards will come from the SwipeX exchange platform.


One of the main obstacles in the mass adoption of cryptocurrency is the complications of acquiring it. Acquiring cryptocurrency has always been a difficult process. People had to download complex software or trade on inconvenient exchanges to finally get their coins.

Dagcoin Gift Card changes this as it is the perfect entry point for those who are completely new to cryptocurrencies and Dagcoin. Receive the card, redeem it, and start using dagcoins with your Dagcoin wallet!


Currently, our team has developed virtual Dagcoin Gift Cards that are available for purchase on our website. In the following months, we will launch the physical gift cards as well. Stay tuned!

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Getting dagcoins is simple

We have developed many ways for you to become a part of the Dagcoin community. Either purchase dagcoins from our SwipeX exchange, redeem a Dagcoin Gift Card, or start accepting dags with your business. Explore and choose the best option for you!

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