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SwipeX aims to be one of the leading currency exchange platforms that has it all – official licenses, ability to accept fiat payments, and shares advanced technical analysis with its users. Since the inception of the platform, people have been exchanging between euros, dagcoins, and bitcoins with nearly zero commissions fees on trades.

Forget reliability issues that other service providers are struggling with, with SwipeX you can be sure the service is certain even on the most popular days, so there are no limits to your transactions no matter the timezone or your location.


Entering the world of cryptocurrency should not be something that only the tech-savvy are capable of. That’s why we created SwipeX with a clear goal in mind: acquiring cryptocurrency should be as easy as possible.

As the name of the platform suggest, buying crypto should be as easy as a quick swipe across the screen – something that everyone is capable of doing.


From the launch of SwipeX, the team has been working on improving the back end, trading engine, the user interface and design with the purpose of creating the all-time best platform for exchanging different cryptocurrencies.

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Getting dagcoins is simple

We have developed many ways for you to become a part of the Dagcoin community. Either purchase dagcoins from our SwipeX exchange, redeem a Dagcoin Gift Card, or start accepting dags with your business. Explore and choose the best option for you!

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