Verify Once


Verify Once is a platform which processes all the necessary verifications for Know Your Customer procedures. This is done by using state of the art technology which is fast, secure, automated, and integrated with artificial intelligence.

First, provide your personal information along with the proof of identity and address documents. Once the documents have been verified, they will be connected to your registered email on the Verify Once platform. And the access to the existing verifications is protected with a one-time password.

Verify Once provides an overview of all the different websites where you have been successfully verified. Verify Once – and never go through verification again within the Dagcoin ecosystem!


The reason why we created Verify Once was to reduce the time and need to go through verification on different websites and reuse the existing verifications in services that are a part of the company’s ecosystem. Getting verified with Verify Once is a quick and easy process that takes just a couple of minutes to complete.


Currently, Verify Once is used within the Dagcoin ecosystem, helping members of the community get verified in a quick and simple way.

Visit the Verify Once website to read more!

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