There isn’t one business in the world that doesn’t want to grow its customer base and increase its revenue. Companies are always looking at different ways to attract new customers, focusing on strategies such as marketing campaigns, their online presence, special offers and even the age-old “word of mouth”.

Accepting another currency is very rarely on the list of ways to attract new customers. However, cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity around the world and their users are increasingly looking for places to spend them.

With Dagcoin boasting more users than the nation of Iceland in its entirety, it’s safe to say that the 670,000+ potential customers are ones you cannot afford to skip out on.

You are here because you see the potential for your business in accepting Dagcoin as a payment method. If you don’t have a Dagcoin wallet or dags yet, go read our quick how-to guide here and come back. Now let’s get started…

Sign up for Dagpay

Signing up is simple and easy. All you have to do is visit the Dagpay website, fill in the online application and go through a quick verification process – just like you did with SwipeX – and you are done.

Now you have access to the full suite of free Dagpay software that helps you to accept Dagcoin payments at your business location (shop, café, gym, etc.), online, and via invoice. As well as helping you to receive and send payments, the bundle also includes software that helps you to check payments, and monitor your finances.

How to Accept Payments and Send Invoices

There are three main pieces of software that we will go over in this section, some of which will be more appropriate for your business than others:

1. POS System

If you run a shop, café, restaurant, gym or any other location in which customers visit you in person to buy from you, this software is perfect for you. All you need to do is download the Dagpay POS app from Google Play onto the smartphone or tablet you wish to use to accept payments and you are ready to go.

When a client wishes to pay with Dagcoin all you have to do is:

  • Enter the amount the client needs to pay
  • The app will then create a unique QR Code
  • The customer then scans this with their DagWallet or Webwallet on their phone
  • You receive the payment

This entire process takes less than 30 seconds. It is as quick and easy as accepting a card payment, but with some extra benefits. Firstly, Dagpay currently has no fees, unlike credit and debit cards, and secondly, customers are unable to make chargebacks preventing fraud.

2. Webshop Plugins

If you run an online business the most important thing for you is that as many potential customers as possible leave your website having made a purchase. One of the major reasons people abandon their carts is that there is not a suitable payment method for them. If your online shop is on WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, Prestashop, or Easy Digital Downloads platform, all you have to do is download the free plugin and you are ready to start accepting dagcoins. It really couldn’t be easier! We are adding free plugins for other eCommerce platforms all the time, so don’t worry if yours was not named here because it may be available.

If it is not, or your site was custom-built, a web developer can quickly and easily add this payment method to your site, because all the documentation and instructions they need are freely available on the Dagpay website. Saving you a lot of money and time on a custom-built solution.

3. Email Invoicing

Whether you are a freelancer or multinational you will need to be able to send and pay invoices. The intuitive email invoicing app helps you to create invoices with a unique QR in seconds. Not only can you create invoices more quickly, but also receive payments quicker too. This is because all your client needs to do is simply scan the QR code with their smartphone and the money will be in your wallet within 10 seconds.

No longer will you have to wait hours, days or even weeks for a payment!

Join Merchant Finder

If someone said to you there is a place where you can advertise your business to almost 700,000 people for free. You would be there and signing up in an instant. This is not a fantasy, it exists — and it’s called Merchant Finder.

Just like signing up for Daypay, signing up for Merchant Finder is also free and simple. However, unlike the other steps, it is important to spend more time here to make your business profile as appealing as possible to potential customers.

The businesses with the most appealing pictures and best descriptions will gain the most traction and with it new clients. If you are a local business such as a café, it is important to make your location your key selling point. This is because Dagcoin users can search the site by location and most like to support businesses in their area that accept the currency.

If you sell your services, for example, if you are a graphic designer, then it is much more important to focus on what you offer. In this case, your company description and pictures are key to your success.


Accepting Dagcoin as a payment option couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is sign up to Dagpay to gain access to a suite of free software that includes the 3 following applications:

  • A POS System that makes it possible for you to accept Dagcoin payments in your shop, café, bar or gym. To accept payment all you need to do is enter the amount the customer needs to pay into the app, a QR code is created, the customer scans this with their DagWallet on their phone and the payment is complete. Simple!
  • Web Plugins make it possible to accept Dagcoin payments in your online store. If you use Woocommerce, Magento or one of the other major eCommerce platforms, simply download the corresponding free plugin and you are ready to start accepting Dagcoin payments.
  • Email Invoicing, create and send invoices to your clients in seconds with the invoicing app. Each invoice includes a unique QR code. All your client needs to do is scan this with their DagWallet and you will receive the money in less than 10 seconds.

Lastly, by signing up for Merchant Finder and creating your free profile. Your business is now visible to a growing community of over 670,000 potential customers.

Join over 1,500 businesses who are already accepting Dagcoin, and start growing your business, today.