We are growing

In our January post “5 Reasons to Start Accepting Dagcoin” we wrote how 150,000 people were now using Dagcoin and that 250 companies were members of the merchant finder and accepting it as a payment option.

Fast forward just 3 months and now we are at 200,000 people who are own and use the currency and over 400 businesses are accepting it as a payment option. So what is driving this growth and why should you as a business owner start accepting Dagcoin as a payment option?

As a business, you want to attract and keep customers, as well as build good links with suppliers and distributors. By accepting Dagcoin and registering on the merchant finder tool your business will suddenly become visible to 200 000 potential new customers as well as hundreds of possible new business partners. And it doesn’t stop there…

In today’s post, we will explain how accepting Dagcoin will not just help you to attract more customers, but also to increase profits, save money, save time and boost your marketing – all for free. 

A Great Investment

Dagcoin is a currency that has been built to be used on a daily basis, just like regular money. From buying new stock for your shop to a quick sandwich and coffee on the go from the local café. All this is possible with Dagcoin as well as much much more…

It is this focus on usability which means that the value of the coin is fixed strongly to the number of users using the currency and the number of merchants who accept it. As the number of users and merchants increases – as has been seen over the last 3 months – the value of the coin also increases. This is in contrast to most cryptocurrencies, which tend to be held or traded by users, purely for speculative gains.

Because there is a fixed number of Dagcoins in circulation, 9 billion to be exact. As more users start using the currency the more demand for it there will be. This pushes up the price of each Dagcoin. Likewise, if there are fewer users and merchants the price will also fall.

It is not just the potential growth in the value of the coin that makes it a great investment. Because the currency is built using Dagchain technology, this means that payments made using the currency are much cheaper than not just blockchain currencies, but also bank transfers, credit cards and many of the discount online payment options.

Save Time and Money

It is not just the super low fees that will save you money, it is also the speed of payments. A Dagcoin payment takes just 30 seconds, this is much faster than the average time of 42 minutes for a Bitcoin transaction and a tiny fraction of the multiple days it takes to sometimes receive an international bank transfer. In fact, a Dagcoin payment takes about the same time as a credit or debit card payment. However, unlike these payment options, it is not possible to request a chargeback with Dagcoin. This means when the money has been sent it cannot be taken back.

This doesn’t just remove the worry of when or if a payment will be received, but it means the goods you ship can be shipped faster and that the stock you need reaches you when you need it most. Not only will your stress levels be reduced, but your customers will be happier too, reducing churn rates as well as the need for heavy marketing to attract new clients as your current customers will be recommending your business to their friends and family.

Dagcoin-blog2-Grow your Business by Accepting Dagcoin

In addition to this, we are also working hard on the infrastructure around the coin. Right now you can accept Dagcoins via your online store, in person at your actual business location or create and send invoices with specific QR payment codes. However, even more, functionality is set for launch in the coming months that will make the currency even more useable. These updates will make it even easier for you to do business and attract new customers. Likewise, increasing the popularity and value of the coin.

Boost your Marketing

There is so much competition out there to not just attract new customers, but also to keep existing ones. We are bombarded every day with products that we are told are of better quality or cheaper than the products we are currently using. This is why most businesses spend around 10% of their turnover on marketing.

However, when you start accepting Dagcoin, you will have the option to join the Merchant Finder free of charge. The Merchant Finder is a tool that allows Dagcoin users and merchants to search for businesses either in their local area or with the products they need, who accept Dagcoin. As we mentioned earlier, when you sign up to this tool your business becomes visible to 200,000 potential new customers. This is a number that is constantly growing. On top of this, the growing community of over 400 businesses will also be able to find you. Saving you time and money not just in the search for new business partners, but in the trade you do with one another using Dagcoin as the payment method.

Having access to this many potential new customers and business partners free of charge will allow you not just to save time and marketing costs, but also to increase the revenues of your business.


Dagcoin is a cryptocurrency that has been built to use each and every day, by everyone. It is this focus on usability that sets it apart from all other cryptocurrencies. And why the community of users and businesses accepting the coin is continuing to grow.

As a business owner, accepting Dagcoin as payment has three distinct plus points:

  • A great investment – As the currency grows in users and merchants the value of the coin will naturally increase. By using the coin you will also save money on expensive bank charges and international transfers.
  • Save time and money – No longer do you need to worry about when you will receive a payment because Dagcoin payments take just 30 seconds from anywhere in the world at any time.
  • Boost your marketing – By joining the merchant finder you will have free access to 200,000 potential new customers and 400 new business partners.

Start growing your business today with Dagcoin!

If you have any questions or there is something you would like to add to this post, please get in touch.