How to use dags & the DagWallet?

To get started, first download the DagWallet, then scroll down to learn more about how to use it.
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What Is DagWallet?

DagWallet is a free app that you should download to your computer, phone and to your tablet. With the DagWallet app, you can send & receive dags and pay for your purchases. Sending and receiving dags is easier than sending or receiving an email.

Simple. But Mighty

Our primary goal, while designing the wallet, was to make as easy to use wallet as possible, so that everybody is able to use it... but at the same time, we wanted to keep all the mighty features that make DagWallet one of the safest wallets in the world.

Send & Receive

Transaction history

Multi device wallet

Back-up & Recovery

Sending dags. Easier than sending an email.

To send dags, just set the amount you want to send, copy-paste the receiver’s dag-address or just scan their dag-code and press send. To receive dags, just share your dag-address with others. Simple!

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Price of the DagWallet


Fixed, microscopial transaction fees


Cheaper than other cryptocurrencies

Download the app

At the moment, the app is available for Mac, Android, Windows, and Linux.