A few years ago, a man went to the US on holiday. During the trip, he was hit by a car at a crosswalk. He broke his leg in multiple places, the break was so bad that he required an operation and a number of days in the hospital.

Although this was not what he had expected from their trip, he got the treatment they needed, and even a first-class upgrade on his flight home. However, this would have been a very different story if he didn’t have travel insurance. One simple $15 policy saved them over $60,000 in medical bills.

This story shows the importance and essence of insurance, and how our lives and health are the most important things to us. Insurance provides us with the reassurance that even in the worst situations, everything will be alright for us and our family members.

That is why during the next 1-2 years, we are planning to announce different insurance packages that can be bought using your dags. These will include the following 3 kinds of packages:

Health Insurance

No matter how young or healthy we are this can all change in an instant. And gaining access to the medical services we need could be very costly indeed.

For example, should my friend have not had insurance, finding the necessary money to pay the medical bill would have likely meant selling their apartment or taking a large loan. Something none of us would want to do for something as simple as a broken leg.

However, for many, although they may recover from their injury or illness, the financial burden of it remains. In the US alone, more than 62% of all bankruptcies are as a result of medical bills and health issues. Most of which could have been avoided with adequate health insurance.

Another major implication of illness or injury is on our ability to work. Work is how we pay the bills and feed our families. Not being able to do that anymore has a huge effect on our finances and mental well-being. Even in countries with very good social welfare systems, you may likely only receive a fraction of your previous salary in government-paid benefits.

Health insurance not only covers medical bills should you get sick, but it also provides you with cover for lost wages if you are no longer able to work. Providing reassurance that you have the money you need for you and your family even in the worst circumstances.

Dagcoin Health Insurance will give you financial security should you have an accident, illness, or no longer be able to work. Protecting you and your loved ones.

Travel Insurance

When we go abroad, no matter if it is on vacation or for business, we want a hassle-free and enjoyable trip. And this trip often starts at the airport.

Flight cancellations and lost luggage are more common than you think. Imagine arriving back home a couple of days later than planned due to a technical problem with a plane and ongoing missed connections.

Arriving at your destination late can have all kinds of implications, from cutting short your trip, to missing meetings, or even needing to cancel it altogether. 

Losing your luggage can have all kinds of negative consequences too, from only having the clothes on your back, to not having the equipment you need to do your work or take part in booked activities at your destination.

Travel insurance provides you with peace of mind that whatever happens on your trip you are covered. For example, if your luggage is lost you will be reimbursed for any new items you had to buy. The same goes for any additional travel or accommodation charges that you might experience as a result of delays or cancellations in your journey. 

Despite the clear benefits of travel insurance, it is something most of us leave to the last minute – if we buy it at all. Dagcoin Travel Insurance will cover all sorts of expenses connected to travel – from flight disruptions to luggage issues. Allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy your trip, even if it doesn’t quite go as planned.

Life Insurance 

If there is one topic that most of us don’t want to talk about, it is our own death. But not being prepared for it – regardless of how young or healthy we are – can have huge implications for those around us.

Without life insurance, simply being able to pay for your funeral could be beyond what is affordable for your family. Especially if you or they have very little in the way of savings.

But the costs surrounding your death are just the beginning. If you are the breadwinner in the family, would they be able to cope without you? Would they be able to continue paying the bills, buying food or living in the family home?

Even though life will never be the same without you. Life insurance removes the worry of money for your family. Policies usually cover things such as funeral costs, future lost earnings, and mortgage payments. And are normally paid as a lump sum.

Dagcoin Life Insurance will give you peace of mind that money will not be a worry for your family if you pass away.


Our lives, health and families are the most important things to us. Despite this, many of us take the risk of being uninsured. Maybe because we see ourselves as young and fit, or insurance as something we will get tomorrow or on our next payday. 

However, should something go wrong when we are uninsured, the consequences could be huge. From not getting the medical treatment we need to leaving our families struggling to get by should we pass away unexpectedly.

That is why at Dagcoin we are in the process of building insurance policies that you can buy with your dags. To ensure that no matter your situation you will have the cover you need.

Within the next 1-2 years you will be able to buy the following kinds of policies:

– Health Insurance that will cover medical bills should you get sick, as well as cover any lost earnings if you are unable to work.

– Travel Insurance that will cover you from the implications of delayed and cancelled flights, as well lost luggage

– Life Insurance that will cover funeral expenses, as well as future lost earnings. 

We will be announcing more products and features in the coming months.

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