As we write this today around 700 businesses are now accepting Dagcoin as a payment option. This is 300 more than when we wrote about this just 3 months ago!

So why are so many other businesses beginning to accept Dagcoin payments? The first and most obvious reason is that there is a growing community of over 250,000 users of the currency. That is a lot of potential new clients and revenue that could help you grow your business.

With Dagcoin users all around the world, you could turn your local business into an international one. Likewise, this new influx of clients could turn your struggling business into a successful one. Whatever dream you have for your business, you could make this a reality by accepting Dagcoin.

But it is not just the huge potential client base that is drawing other businesses to Dagcoin. It is the whole different approach the currency has. Dagcoin has been built and designed to be used, not traded like other cryptocurrencies.

In this week’s article, we will explain what this means for you and your business…

Dagcoin Explained

It is fair to say that most people and businesses are aware of cryptocurrencies, especially currencies like Bitcoin and Etherium. However, these major currencies have two big problems for the business.

The first being the time it takes for a transaction to be received. The average Bitcoin transaction takes over 40 minutes. This is because each transaction is verified by up to 6 other users of the currency, in a process known as mining. And, the second being, that for verifying these transactions these users receive a tiny amount of the currency as a sort of reward for mining. This not only makes transactions slow but also expensive.

Dagcoin is not based on the blockchain, but DAG-chain technology. Using this technology means transactions do not need to be verified, this not only means that transactions are lightning-fast (approx. 10-30 seconds), but also cheaper – as there are no miners to pay.

Because these payments are as fast as a debit or credit card payment, this means that they can be used in a shop to buy goods in real time, but with added security for business. This is because unlike debit or credit card payments, a transaction cannot be reversed or a chargeback made. Giving you the security of knowing that when a payment is received, there is no threat of losing this money.


What is Dagpay

Dagpay is a free suite of software that has been created to enable you to start accepting Dagcoin payments simply and quickly. Whether you have a shop, café, gym, are a freelancer or have an online store, the following solutions have been created just for you:

  • Merchant Finder – Imagine a place where over 250,000 people can see your business. That is exactly what the Merchant Finder platform is. Users of the currency can search for businesses in their local area, by business type, etc… However, that isn’t all. Do you want to find distributors for your products? Maybe you need to find new suppliers? With the merchant finder tool you can find other businesses, get in touch, and build business partnerships.
  • Point of Sale System – Accepting Dagcoin payments at your shop is as simple and fast as a debit or credit card payment (around 30 seconds). All you have to do is select Dagcoin as the payment option, a unique QR code will be created for the customer. They scan this with their mobile and confirm the payment. Within 10 seconds the payment is complete and the money is in your DagWallet. It’s as easy as that!
  • Webshop Plugin – One of the big reasons most businesses do not offer cryptocurrency payments is because an expensive bespoke payment system almost always needs to be created. With Dagcoin this is not the case. If you use Woocommerce or Magento, all you have to do is download the free plugin and you are good to go. Don’t worry if you don’t, a web developer can easily integrate this into your site because all the documentation and instructions they need are on the Dagpay site.
  • Email Invoicing – It doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer or big international business, being able to send and pay invoices is crucial for your business. This is why Dagpay helps you to create invoices with a unique QR code in a matter of seconds.

What Dagpay Gives You

It is not just the above functionality and lightning-fast payments (approx. 30 seconds) that are encouraging your competitors to begin accepting Dagcoin payments. Accepting Dagcoin via Dagpay also offers you the following:

  • Very low fees – In fact right now Dagpay has no fees at all for making a transaction! When this beta test phase is complete a small 1% charge will be introduced. When you consider that Dagpay works in exactly the same way as PayPal and Stripe work for regular fiat currencies, and they have fees of ca. 3-4% per transaction. Dagpay becomes a very cheap alternative indeed!
  • Easy sign-up process – All you need to do is visit Hit the sign-up button. Fill in a few details. Authenticate your account. And you are good to go. It’s as easy as that… Why wait, sign up now.


Dagcoin is:

  • Fast – It takes less than 30 seconds for a transaction to be completed.
  • Scalable – The more users the currency has the faster it will get
  • Secure – Only you, the user, has access to your wallet and personal details

It is the above factors that are drawing 1000’s of people each week to begin using Dagcoin. But it is the following suite of free software from Dagpay that is driving businesses to begin accepting Dagcoin too:

  • Merchant Finder platform – Imagine a place where over 250,000 people can see your business. That is a lot of potential new clients.
  • Point of Sale System – Accept Dagcoin payments in your café, shop, gym or restaurant, just as quickly and easily as a debit or credit card payment.
  • Webshop plugin – Use Woocommerce or Magento? Simply download the plugin and start accepting Dagcoin payments immediately on your online shop.
  • Email Invoicing – Create an invoice with a unique QR code in seconds.

Join hundreds of other businesses who are already using Dagpay. Sign up today.
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