According to the company’s official Weibo channel, new Huawei Mate 40 devices are to ship with a Digital Yuan Wallet pre-installed. This news follows the announcement of China officially launching its own state-created digital currency.

With new Mate 40 device bundled with the hardware capabilities and necessary software out of the box, all signs points towards China’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) being very close to reaching the public. This marks a turning point in the journey of digital currencies becoming accessible to the wider public, rather than just crypto aficionados.

Trials of the currency have already taken place, with 10 million digital yuan given away to citizens of Shenzhen as part of a state-run lottery.

The luckiest among the almost 2 million entrants were able to spend their currency at thousands of points of sale dotted throughout the city. This trial proved to be a success, paving the way for the currency’s official rollout, and its apparent integration with soon-to-be-released devices. 

It remains unclear as to whether Mate 40 devices outside of China will be arriving equipped with digital yuan wallets, but either way, this will likely prove to be an interesting litmus test to assess the likelihood of this type of payment outpacing Apple Pay, et al.

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