Payment Cards


Dagcoin Card is an easy-to-use contactless payment card allowing you to pay with dags at merchants accepting dagcoins, without the need for an internet connection. Just transfer the coins from DagWallet or the webwallet to your payment card. As the card works on NFC connectivity, simply tap the card against the terminal and the payment’s done!

Every payment with the Dagcoin Card is a transparent transaction that’s recorded on DAG-chain. Therefore, the cost of making a payment using the card costs the same as transferring dags from wallet to wallet – around 0.0005 DAG.


Imagine a world where payments in cryptocurrency are made with seamless connectivity. Dagcoin Card enables a community of people to make payments with a card that can be used all around the globe, without any connection to the Internet.

Whilst other “cryptocurrency cards” convert fiat to crypto for hefty conversion and transaction fees, Dagcoin Card sends dagcoins straight into merchant’s Dagcoin wallet.


The Dagcoin Card is currently in the development phase. Stay tuned!

Getting dagcoins is simple

We have developed many ways for you to become a part of the Dagcoin community. Either purchase dagcoins from our SwipeX exchange, redeem a Dagcoin Gift Card, or start accepting dags with your business. Explore and choose the best option for you!

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