We are building the widest ecosystem for a cryptocurrency ever. The ecosystem has a strong emphasis on usability as this is the main cornerstone in building a stable currency. A global currency that can be used and utilized all around the world. It’s extremely important for us that there are many platforms and services to use once Dagcoin and the cryptocurrency sphere is more matured.

Once a quarter, we will bring you a brief overview of what’s in progress and the main developments of Dagcoin and its ecosystem. The teams are working tirelessly to develop and enhance the platforms and solutions that dub Dagcoin as the go-to-cryptocurrency today and in decades to come.

In development Q1 of 2019

During the first quarter of 2019, the team worked on multiple products and components of the ecosystem:

  • the core technology of Dagcoin with the purpose of ensuring the capability of disrupting the financial world with DAG-chain and Dagcoin.
  • the new website design in order to represent the brand and technology of Dagcoin in a more suitable way.
  • the Dagpay Point of Sale application so that accepting dagcoins becomes much more convenient for brick-and-mortar businesses.
  • the Dagcoin gift cards allowing your friends and family to get a hold of dagcoins in a simple way.
  • the SwipeX exchange new design and user interface with the purpose of launching the all-time best platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies.
  • the DagWallet in order to make it reliable and much more user-friendly.
  • the Dagmarket – another crucial component of the Dagcoin ecosystem which increases the usability of Dagcoin even more.
  • and last but not least – Dagcoin Grow – which allows the users of Dagcoin to earn additional dags.

Launched in Q1 of 2019

In addition to working on the new components of the ecosystem, we had a couple of major launches as well, including:

  • Verify Once

Verify Once is an online identity verification service. Because of identity verification being a vital component to the transaction ecosystems of eCommerce companies, financial institutions, insurance, online gaming, and even social media, customers and users need to go through identity verification oftentimes again and again for various services. Verify Once was developed to help reduce this need to go through verification in different services, and reuse customer’s and user’s existing verifications in services belonging to an ecosystem.

  • New Dagcoin brand design

As Dagcoin has grown massively in the past 2 years, we felt like it’s time to take things to the next level. The Dagcoin logo changed from red to blue with the aim to represent the overall brand, technology, and ecosystem in a more suitable way.

  • New website

Additionally, we changed the style and layout of our official web site in order to be more appealing, straightforward, and transparent to the users and visitors. The new-look will help represent our technology and products in a clearer way.