The 2nd quarter was a huge success in terms of product and ecosystem component launches. Our teams have grown a lot in the past three months – this sets us up perfectly for Q3 and Q4 of 2019.

In this recap, we are listing the main launches of Q2 of 2019 as well as the components that were being developed during that time.

In case you have not read the 1st quarter recap, check it out here:

In development Q2 of 2019

During the second quarter of 2019, the team continued working on many of the components of the ecosystem:

  • the core technology of Dagcoin with the purpose of ensuring the capability of disrupting the financial world with DAG-chain and Dagcoin.
  • the new website design in order to represent the brand and technology of Dagcoin in a more suitable way.
  • the DagWallet in order to make it reliable and much more user-friendly.
  • the Dagmarket – another crucial component of the Dagcoin ecosystem which increases the usability of Dagcoin even more.
  • the Dagpay Point of Sale application so that accepting dagcoins becomes much more convenient for brick-and-mortar businesses.
  • the Dagcoin gift cards allowing your friends and family to get a hold of dagcoins in a simple way.
  • the SwipeX exchange new design and user interface with the purpose of launching the all-time best platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies.
  • the Dagcoin Games platform for game developers to make their games visible to a larger audience and for consumers looking to spend some time gaming.
  • the Dagitally platform for selling and buying all kinds of digital content.
  • the Dagcoin Grow website for safely storing your dags and earning extra coins while doing so!

Launches in Q2 of 2019

The second quarter of 2019 saw major launches that will have a great impact on the growth and success of Dagcoin:

  • Dagpay Point of Sale application

The Dagpay Point of Sale app is a dedicated Android and iOS app for merchants accepting dagcoin payments in brick-and-mortar businesses.

Using the app is easy – just enter the amount the customer has to pay and the app handles the rest, generating a unique invoice with a QR code for the customer to scan with the DagWallet or webwallet (if using an iPhone). The Dagpay POS app then provides feedback to the merchant about the payment status. Once the payment has been successfully confirmed, the application allows sending a payment receipt to the customer’s email.

The Dagpay POS app also provides the merchant with a detailed overview of all the received payments made via the application. Prerequisite for using the POS app is that the merchant must have an active and verified Dagpay account.

  • Dagcoin gift cards

Dagcoin gift card is the perfect entry point for those who are completely new to cryptocurrencies and Dagcoin. These cards hold dagcoins and they can be gifted online or as a physical gift card.
The Dagcoin gift cards can be purchased online and once redeemed by the lucky receiver, the coins will be transferred to the DagWallet. The coins to fund the Dagcoin gift cards will be taken from the SwipeX exchange platform.

There are 5 different gift cards: 5€, 10€, 20€, 50€, and 100€ – they all hold dagcoins according to the Dagcoin price at the time of the purchase.

  • Dagcoin Grow

Dagcoin Grow is created for the Dagcoin community. They are the people who see the long term vision. Dagcoin Grow is our way of rewarding those who believe in our vision and mission.

It can be used by regular users and merchants as well. Dagcoin grow allows you to safely store your coins for 1, 2 or 3 years. By storing your dags in Dagcoin Grow, you will earn extra coins!

Storing dagcoins for 1 year – 10% bonus dags
Storing dagcoins for 2 years – 20% bonus dags
Storing dagcoins for 3 years – 40% bonus dags

  • New SwipeX design and user interface

SwipeX has a completely new look and functionality. It is meant for regular people who want to convert their currencies and it is made very easy for everybody.
It has 3 currencies: EUR, DAG and BTC. Naturally, the users can deposit and withdraw those currencies. It’s super easy to exchange your assets from one currency to another. Just swipe and the exchange is done!

  • Dagitally

Dagitally is a platform for digital content. In the future, it will include audiobooks, logos, designs, songs, digital services, and other digital products. All in all, whatever is digital can be sold or consumed there.

For artists, using the platform has no extra costs and is another way to sell different creations. For the customers, this is the perfect platform to purchase products and services for dags.

As a community, we need to spread the word to our friends and family who are creating something that can be sold on Dagitally. This is the way to make sure that everyone can reap the benefits of this great platform!

  • Dagcoin Games

Dagcoin Games is an entertainment platform that includes different games which can be easily uploaded and integrated by game developers all over the world. For developers, this is a superb way to make their games visible to a huge audience.
All the purchases on the platform are done with dagcoins and they are processed by Dagpay, which is fast and convenient for both consumers and game merchants.