The 3rd quarter saw some incredible launches of different platforms and products within the Dagcoin ecosystem – most notably Dagmarket, Dagtelecom, the Dagcoin Card and ATM. the launched components will definitely fuel Dagcoin on the road of becoming the biggest and most usable cryptocurrency in the world.

In this recap, we are listing the main launches of Q3 of 2019 as well as the components that were being developed during that time. 

In development Q3 of 2019

During the third quarter of 2019, the team continued to develop and work on many components of the vast Dagcoin ecosystem: 

  • the core technology of Dagcoin with the purpose of ensuring the capability of disrupting the financial world with DAG-chain and Dagcoin.
  • the new website design in order to represent the brand and technology of Dagcoin in a more suitable way.
  • the Dagcoin gift cards allowing your friends and family to get a hold of dagcoins in a simple way.
  • the SwipeX exchange new design and user interface with the purpose of launching the all-time best platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies.
  • the DagWallet in order to make it reliable and much more user-friendly.
  • the Verify Once verification platform in order to help reduce the need to go through verification in different services of the Dagcoin ecosystem.
  • the Dagcoin Games platform for game developers to make their games visible to a larger audience and for consumers looking to spend some time gaming.
  • the Dagpay Point of Sale application for brick-and-mortar businesses to accept dagcoin payments. 
  • the Dagitally platform for selling and buying all kinds of digital content.
  • and last but not least – Dagcoin Grow – which allows the users of Dagcoin to earn additional dags.

Launched in Q3 of 2019

In addition to working on the new components and enhancing the current platforms of the ecosystem, we had many major launches as well, including:

  • Dagmarket platform

Dagmarket brings people together to a marketplace to sell and buy products for dagcoins. The platform connects people who wish to use dagcoins with those who want to earn more dags. 

  1. Find the things to sell, take great pictures, and list the products on Dagmarket. 
  2. Get the pricing right and receive dagcoins for your sold items. 
  3. Hand over the product in person with confidence.

Set up a listing now at

  • Dagcoin Card

The Dagcoin Card is an easy-to-use contactless payment card which allows you to pay with dagcoins at merchants accepting dagcoins. This can be done without the need for an Internet connection.  In the future, you can top-up your Dagcoin Card with as many dags as you need, straight from your DagWallet.

  • Dagcoin ATM

The Dagcoin ATM is a new way to engage with dagcoins. Just deposit the cash, insert your wallet address, and receive dagcoins to your DagWallet – it’s that simple!

  • Dagtelecom

With Dagtelecom you can call anyone around the world, and pay with dagcoins. Just download the application, connect to the Internet, and pay for all your future calls with dags!