What’s the point of creating something awesome when no-one has the means or desire to use it? Pretty, pointless right?

For a product to be worth utilising, it needs to solve a problem. In the crypto world, that’s called usability. 

The issue is as follows: as the coins don’t currently 100% solve the problems they’re supposed to, to solve, they’re not yet considered to be as valuable as they should be. This coupled with low trust results in low usability.

Mainstreaming awaits!

Trading-only when it comes to crypto is an outdated mechanism. For most crypto enthusiasts, the ultimate goal is for the world to most to a commerce model based solely off digital currencies. Why? Digital currencies move quickly, and are cost-effective, despite lacking features that makes them (currently) viable in the long run.

The biggest hurdle cryptocurrencies face when it comes to the wider consumer market is the stigma around trusting something entirely digital, and the ill-perceived lack of value. However, this outlook is slowly changing…

Usability is like a mosaic

As easy as it is to conflate the two, price and value aren’t mutually exclusive. The real metric for valuing cryptocurrency is its usability.

One of Dagcoin’s primary goals is to create a stable and usable coin with low transaction fees and fast processing time. We can already tick the low costs and quick transactions box. Reaching a stable and usable status is up next. 

Usability is like a mosaic that consists of different little pieces. To support the usability goal, we have two great platforms. One is DagPay and the other Merchant Finder. Both are meant for our current and new merchants.

What are they for precisely? You can use DagPay as a tool to make the process of paying online as comfortable as possible. Merchant Finder is great for marketing purposes. Both of them worth checking into. 

Have any thoughts around the Dagcoin ecosystem?

It’s growing day-by-day, so we’re poised and ready to answer any and all questions you may have — simply get in touch below!