Our Roadmap

The Idea & Start

The wish to create something real and usable

Dev Teams

Putting together the development teams


Starting opensource and transparent development in github


Creating testnet for development purposes


Asset predefined. Not mined, defined.


Initial release of device based wallets (win, android and mac)

Dag Explorer

Launching the DAG-chain explorer


First edition of the whitepaper

Multisignature Wallet

Possibility to create a common wallet for several devices


Talk to a bot and order products or services from merchants

DagWallet UX Enhancements

Making the user experience better and better

Automatic exchange hub

Hub that exchanges dags to bytes needed for the transaction fee

Local Address Book

Save your common addresses as contacts for easier use

P2P Payments in Chat

Person to person payments in Chat

Conditional Payments

By using a smart contract, set a condition to when the receiver can use the sent funds

Prediction Markets

Predict future events correctly and make money

Merchant API

Platform for merchants to be able to receive dags

Ecommerce plugins

Plugins for all major ecommerce platforms for superfast API integration

Cashier system integration

Integration to PoS software for offline merchants

OTC Platform

Person to person marketplace for exchanging dags and other assets


DagWallet's web version, accessible from any device

Multicurrency wallet

Store multiple currencies in the same wallet


Exchange that is open to everyone interested in trading with most popular digital assets

Merchant Platform

Platform for finding merchants near you

Usability phase

Incentives for both merchants and users

Integration with major platforms

Travel, accommodation, shopping, gaming, gambling

NFC payments

Use near-field-contact for mobile payments