It’s no surprise that the world today is changing so fast one cannot even blink an eye without something altering. And in this new era, the only thing that supports growth, stability, and creation of success, is long-term thinking. There’s a reason Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest man in the world. It’s because of his long-term mentality, from day one. 

Short-Term Mindset Drags You Down

There are many things amiss in today’s world. The short-term mentality is one of them. It’s a massive problem in today’s cryptocurrency world. People buy low, sell high and then move on. Thriving, sadly, is the “get rich quick” attitude.

The thing is, short-term mindset does not help along cryptocurrencies usability (which it’s vital). Short-term mindset is dependent on the project itself. And that is not a healthy environment for growth. Short-term mindset is set on the gain to get rich, fast. 

When selling, merchants create a demand which then lowers the price. It’s just not possible for something to grow exponentially. Meaning, if everyone would be after short-term capital gain, then some would benefit, and others wouldn’t. They’d lose.

The unfortunate thing is that short-term mindset destroys great projects backed by great teams. People with short-term mindset show, by selling their coins, that the value of those coins is close to zero.

All the currencies functioning inside a bubble don’t help with this image either. Of course, being open to all could also mean being open to shady strategies. But if the goal is to replace outdated financial systems, cryptocurrencies must follow the long-term plan.

Long-Term Mindset Lifts You Up

Dagcoin’s mentality is long-term. Just like Jeff Bezos. Our technical solutions are all supporting the long-term vision, i.e., Dagchain, DagWallet, Merchant Finder and more. Dagcoin’s priority mission is to create globally accepted cryptocurrency.

Every technology has its flaws. Building a good and strong product takes time. Same goes for conquering the world. It takes time to build trust, form beliefs and habitude. That’s why the long-term mindset is crucial. The only thing possible to gain quickly is failing.

So, to create something globally acceptable, compelling, valuable and stable, we need time. We also need people who are in it for the long run. The ones who don’t delve into speculation. The ones who don’t sport a short-term mindset.

Our promise to you: we’re continually working towards better solutions and infrastructure. Stay with us. Let’s make the future.

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