It's time to switch to cryptos that don’t require mining

Mining and carrying out transactions with most cryptocurrencies results in a gargantuan energy footprint, and due to the nature of blockchain, this is becoming a less manageable problem with each passing day.

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Our planet is at a breaking point

Ineffective and wasteful energy usage has led to a crisis in which we’re faced with catastrophic climate disasters, mass extinctions, and decaying natural habitats.

The amount of energy used for crypto mining this year.



of energy in developing countries is produced from wood.

Source: FAO.ORG


tons of CO2 are emitted by crypto mining each year.


This Christmas, it's time to make a change

Dagcoin — a sustainable cryptocurrency, built for a cleaner world.

This Christmas, consider switching to cryptocurrencies that have, and will always have, a minuscule ecological impact.

How we're making a change


Dagcoin doesn't require mining - and never will.

We’ve taken a different approach to confirming transactions on the DAG-chain. We use a proprietary system that is based on a small number of witnesses whom confirm transactions. Therefore, Dagcoin doesn’t require any kind of mining.


We use 99.99% less energy than proof-of work cryptocurrencies.

As blockchain-based cryptocurrencies increase in usage, so does the required energy for each and every new transaction.This is not the case with Dagcoin, which requires a miniscule amount of energy that remains static, regardless of the number of transactions.


We give a helping hand via environmental partnerships.

World Cleanup Day is an annual global social action program we're proud to sponsor. Aimed at combating the global solid waste problem, World Cleanup Day harnesses the power of everyday people to achieve incredible things in unity.

Join the revolution and make a change too!

This Christmas, say goodbye to the ways of old, and make a meaningful impact.
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