Hey, crypto fans! We’ve got some excellent news for you. As you all might have heard already, we have a plan. About conquering the world and taking the crypto thing to a whole new level. To actually make it work. Our plan is, well, kind of a revolution. A fiscal one.

By the way, it’s happening as we speak. And the next step is a brand-new SwipeX exchange platform. The freshly enhanced SwipeX (called SwipeX Light) aims to be one of the leading currency exchange platforms that have it all: the official licenses, ability to accept fiat payments, and while doing all of that, sports nearly zero commision fees on trades.

It’s new. Great. But what are the perks?

It’s called SwipeX Light, but you can also refer to it as SwipeX. The perks, you ask? Well, the newly released version is much easier to use than the previous one. And it’s also possible to trade between various cryptocurrencies, including dagcoins. Information is everything. Read about the previous version as well, it’s (still) stellar!

The thing is that cryptocurrency gains massive value once it becomes widely adopted. Mainstreaming, however, takes years and needs to be appropriately set up, to achieve its true momentum. Luckily, we’ve got the right technology for it.

Get involved!

Honestly, it’s so easy. To get yourself up and running on the platform, you need to open an account and go through the verification process. The verification process is mandatory (for your own good).  

What does it entail? You must fill in the profile information, provide a copy of your ID and proof of your address.

All in all, we’re in the process of creating the very first cryptocurrency that has all the prerequisites to become a globally used cryptocurrency. A mainstream cryptocurrency. Digital money in your pocket you can easily use absolutely everywhere.

And, all we need for that is patience from you, dear crypto fans.

We ask for your willingness to…. :

  • Hold the coins till the majority of them are distributed to a vast community of users;
  • The whole ecosystem is extensive when it’s entirely applicable;
  • We’ve got loads of merchants;
  • Majority of the services are in full action.

It’s only then we can say that the cryptocurrency (dagcoin) is usable, and that would be the moment when the price of a coin can become extremely valuable.

PS! We’ve temporarily closed down the SwipeX Pro platform. It’s for the sake of advancement. So we could improve it, and develop it even further. We’re aiming for the brand-new Pro version to see the light of day during the year of 2019.

Peace out. See you in the crypto-verse!

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