2018 is halfway through, and we’ve now entered the best time of the year, the Summer. It’s a beautiful time to spend with your families and to vacation around the globe. It’s also a great time to take a look back and see how you’ve done so far.

We created Dagcoin pretty much because of the failing global fiscal system. The quest has been great so far, and we’re on track. There are a lot of ongoing projects in the works. Our busy development teams are working round the clock.

At the moment we’re building a reliable infrastructure around the cryptocurrency of the future ‒ the Dagcoin. Products and platforms like DagPay, SwipeX, Merchant Finder, DagWallet, and Dagcommunity, are here to help Dagcoin grow a strong, viable and easily maintainable user base.

So, without further ado, let’s have a more thorough look into the Dagcoin ecosystem. Fasten your seatbelt, my friend, cause you’re in for a ride of your lifetime.

Stop one: DagPay

Sometimes it’s okay and even necessary to pat yourself on the back. The thing is that we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve been able to do so far. And we’ve done it all thinking of you.

So, the bottom line is that we’ve created an easy-to-use application which allows companies to accept dags worldwide. The great thing about it is that setting it up is completely free of charge. Additionally, until the end of the year, merchants using DagPay can accept payments with 0% transaction fees.

Oh, here’s some more good news. Everyone who has a webshop on the Woocommerce or Magento platform can set up DagPay with just a couple of clicks.

Stop two: DagWallet

I’m sure you’d agree that everything that is your own (thing, product, service you name it) is always the best. Keeping that in mind we’ve developed a selection of wallets for you. So you can always keep your dagcoins safe (please do make sure to backup in case something happens to your device).

There are three different DagWallets based on where they’re situated:

  1. DagWallet for your computer or a laptop;
  2. DagWallet for your mobile application (at the moment only for Android, but we’re looking into providing the DagWallet also for iOS users in the future. iOS users can currently use the third version of DagWallet);
  3. Webwallet ‒ a wallet accessible via web either on your phone or computer. The same webwallet account is available with login details on every device (it’s different for DagWallet as you get a separate Wallet for every device you download the app for).  

Stop three: Merchant Finder

All the merchants who are part of the Dag community, and therefore accept dagcoins, can set up their Merchant Finder accounts via DagPay platform.

It’s looking somewhat swell as we’ve already witnessed some companies using the benefits and setting up their accounts. What does it mean though? The dagcoin users can easily find merchants on the website, so it’s also a delightful marketing tool for companies looking to be noticed by a much broader global audience.

Stop four: SwipeX

It doesn’t happen every day when a company, who also has their own cryptocurrency, can set up an exchange which has all the features that SwipeX has. I’d say that is a reasonably fat chance.

Luckily, SwipeX has the necessary license to deal with fiat currency, and it also has multiple different tradable cryptocurrencies. We guarantee an uptime of 99%, stable and always reliable support team, plus zero fees on commissions. How great is all that?

Stop five: Dagcommunity

Dagcommunity is something awesome being brought into life as we speak. It’s somewhat a dream of ours. It will take some time, and a couple of nuances still need to be ironed out in the process, but the community is going to see the light of day next year.

Reason for the delay is that the focus, at the moment, is on you. The spotlight is also on the projects which are part of the solid groundwork for Dagcoin users, i.e., the platform, wallets, paying methods, etc.

So, stay tuned! Lots of great things coming your way very soon.

Dear friend, we’ll always be working on all of the products mentioned above. We’ll be doing it without a rest. Why? Because we have a very particular goal and a broad vision to create and make last, the number one cryptocurrency. We plan to build a brand new fiscal way for the future.  

Did we peak your interest? Get in contact!