The magic word in today’s world is ‒ surprise, surprise ‒ cryptocurrency. Our recommendation is jumping on board the cryptocurrency train sooner rather than later, as trust in the current financial system is already low and keeps on sinking lower. Cryptocurrency is here to stay, like it or not.

The most significant benefit of cryptocurrency is that it cannot be printed and increased out of thin air like money. That makes it stable, transparent and credible.

But how to hitch the ride? First, do some research and ask around (there are thousands of different digital currencies in the crypto verse), then choose the most benign one and invest in it. So, without further ado, in today’s blog, we’re going to touch the topic of investment vs. speculation in cryptocurrency. Stay with us.  

But first, let’s see what is an investment and what is speculation.

What is an investment?

Investment means purchasing an asset with the hope it will generate stable returns in the future. Investment always means long run and the risk involved is moderate. Decisions made are based on financial info and performance.

What is speculation?

Speculation means quick returns, it’s short-term and involves a compromise on security. Something that goes hand in hand with speculation is high risk. It is aggressive by nature and based mostly on individual opinion and market psychology.

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Where does cryptocurrency stand here?

Stakes in the world of cryptocurrency are undoubtedly high. And getting even higher. Some are saying it’s a bubble. Some disagree. The fact is that the most popular currency, the Bitcoin, keeps on rising and is already facing an imbalance in demand and supply.

Why is that? There’s only a specific amount of Bitcoins available on the market. Also, it doesn’t help that majority of the coin owners are sporting a long-term strategy, i.e., not selling their coins actively. They are not letting their currencies go. That (the price) makes Bitcoins very attractive to own. It’s a sweet deal. That is, if you even manage to get your hands on them, of course.  

And millennials are busy keeping the cryptocurrency frenzy booming. It means that 30 percent of generation Y is very much open to investing in cryptocurrency according to Forbes magazine. Some say cryptocurrencies are a passing trend, we say it’s not, and so does nearly 10 years of being on the market.

What to keep in mind when investing, is that currencies based on DAG-chain are better than the ones based on Blockchain. Plus DAG-chain based currencies are on a highway towards mainstreaming.

So, since the demand for Bitcoins is so high, it would only be logical to look elsewhere and find something that is following the same concept, is as trustworthy (or maybe even a little bit more) and does the deed so much faster. And you mustn’t look that far. You know it already, it’s called Dagcoin.

Be smart. Invest in Dagcoin

Real success lies in long-term strategy. Jeff Bezos, the co-founder, and CEO of Amazon, also follows long-term thinking mentality. Bezos is the wealthiest person in the world. And that is mainly thanks to his long-term vision in business he’s been preaching since day one. Plus, of course, his genius.

Investing in cryptocurrency is by nature a long-term strategy to grow your wealth. It’s the future. Just like Amazon was back in the day. No-one thought in 1994 that Amazon is going to be as huge as it is today, that it’s going to define the future. Same applies to cryptocurrency. So, last but not least ‒ be part of tomorrow. We’ll be right next to you to help you on the way.