The crypto world keeps on getting better and better. The future’s looking brighter with every passing day. How come, you ask? Well, yet again we have some great news to share. Dagcoin has created a platform for trading, and it’s called SwipeX. Our already vast network has grown even more substantial, offering you an even broader spectrum to use your dagcoins.

What’s it about? In short, it’s a trading platform meant for crypto exchange. The way it works is very straightforward: after creating an account, you can start trading various cryptocurrencies. Yes, that’s right: Bitcoins, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, Dagcoins etc. The more, the merrier we say.

The platform is mostly meant for crypto money because that’s why we’re here. But we do allow one lucky fiat currency into the game. The currency SwipeX accepts and also sends out is Euro. NB! The platform doesn’t take US dollars or any other mainstream currencies.

In addition, SwipeX has been granted two important licences by the Estonian Government:

  1. Licence number FRK000053 – Providing a virtual currency wallet service.  
  2. Licence number FVR000071 – Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency.

Great! How do I get started?

For you to start using the platform and take the most out of it, i.e., trading your crypto money and doing it successfully while you’re at it, there are two very simple things you need to do.

  1. First ‒ create an account.
  2. Second ‒ go through a quick verification process. For that you need to have your ID card and proof of address at hand. NB! This is mandatory for everyone who’d like to use SwipeX.

After you’ve finished signing up, we also recommend activating the two-way authentication control. To be on the safe side, because, as we all know ‒ better safe than sorry!

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If you have questions or you would like to know more about cryptocurrency or SwipeX get in contact ASAP! We’d love to hear from you.