Value is something marvellous we strive for in everything. Both in our personal and professional lives. When you think about it, everything is about value, efficiency, and optimization these days

So, now, more than ever, people (including you and me) are aware of the existence of cryptocurrencies. Plus ‒ we’re all becoming even more knowledgeable about the benefits crypto is able to bring in the future, i.e., on the government level, education-wise, all-around better quality of life, etc. 

But for the master plan to work, it’s absolutely vital that there be a simple solution to exchange fiat currencies into crypto, as well as the reverse. The price of this “digital money” should not, nor need be, based on supply and demand. Read about the subject of value in one of our previous blog posts about price vs valuation.

Don’t dwell on the past. Look to the horizon.

Back when it all kicked off, we witnessed massive fluctuations in the prices of all of the cryptocurrencies. This issue is precisely the reason that was keeping merchants away from accepting non-fiat currencies.

What also happens is when crypto prices rise, folks become super active, engage in crazy promotions, and provide ridiculous promises. Then when the price falls they get scared and step on the safe side, and become extra cautious. 

Fluctuation, of course, slows down, firstly, the spread, and secondly, the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the value should depend on real measurables, not on the currently agreed-upon ones

We believe that cryptocurrencies should be treated as money, not as financial instruments. We’re absolutely convinced that the value should be based on the users, merchants, and usability. So, if you want to be a winner, well, then start accepting dags

The more possibilities there are for using the coins, and the more people that have and use them, the more valuable it becomes. Value adds even more value. Simple.   

The magic word is usability (and time)

A strong indicator for evaluating cryptocurrency is its usage – meaning the number of transactions performed using the coins. This doesn’t include transactions done on the exchanges, aka trading platforms, but ones completed in real life, for example., sending funds between people and buying items from the merchants. 

However, coin usage shouldn’t be taken into account just yet, as the world has only just started to see the whole picture, trusting it, and therefore moving closer to adopting it. 

Time-wise, it’ll take a few years for the coins (and using them most and foremost) to start making proper sense to the masses.

- As a result, there will be, thanks to a large number of people who’ve adapted to cryptocurrencies, real stability on the market. How delightful would that be?   

- Moreover, even the majority of merchants are going to accept the coins and will be able to cover their full supply chain with cryptocurrencies. 

- There will be many possible financial services available for cryptos, and without the ridiculous costs which we’re all (still) experiencing today via fiat currencies.

But, before all of the above will commence, we need to focus on spreading this info, and communicating to the masses the real benefits of using cryptocurrencies. We need to get people and merchants involved and continue building the ecosystem around the currency. 

With this strategy, we believe dagcoin will be one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the future. The sky's the limit.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump aboard, and let’s forge the future of currency, together.