Despite there being daily news about cryptocurrencies in the mainstream media, there is still some steps to go before cryptocurrency itself becomes mainstream. What are those steps and when might we see them coming to popular use?

Time to shed the shady image

Since cryptocurrencies are being used to date as means to avoid taxes and to pay for illegal services, it will take time for masses to take serious interest in them. People use dollars for same things, of course, but these are not the only things people associate dollars with. People have to be sure their chosen currency is authentic.

It doesn’t help that a lot of the cryptocurrency community actually favours this shady image. It is an allure of absolute freedom, but that is very risky to anyone who wants a safe and stable currency to use. It might be up to the users and developers themselves to make things better.

Platform updates or alternatives

Bitcoin’s problems have been a massive topic throughout the first quarter of 2018. While it has been on a steady rise in value and users for a while, it has also recently faced some heavy drops that have put its popularity to risk. While improvements are being made in the Blockchain technology, alternatives like DAG-chain have emerged as well with the aim to continue on the way towards mainstreaming.

While the traditional banking systems are slower and too centralized, they do not exist in a vacuum and keep on improving with technological development as well. Beforehand, people wouldn’t have expected banks to actually compete with Bitcoin speeds, but the recent drops have shown otherwise.

When will mainstreaming happen?

It wasn’t exactly unpredictable that Bitcoin could become very popular and be written about in daily newspapers, it was just the question of when. However, when cryptocurrencies:

  • Are trustworthy
  • Always live up to their name of being fast and convenient

Then we can talk about mainstreaming. It might be this year, or the next. Dagcoin’s goal is to make it sooner, rather than later.

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