Doing stuff together is great — a necessity even (albeit a slightly difficult one given the current global situation). Cooperation allows us to understand each other better and takes us forward. But there’s one thing that should only be for ourselves. Money. It should always be a party for one. It should always be you who’s the sole owner of your finances. Not banks, and certainly not other institutions.

And guess what? Cryptocurrency makes that a reality.

Unfortunately, it’s rather common that money has many “owners.” What does it mean? When your funds are stored in a bank (chances are yours is), the bank is a tertiary owner of that money — your money.

Some people even go as far as saying that once your money is in the traditional banking or credit card system, you turn over your stewardship of the funds to a third party. As we all know, three’s a crowd.

The issue here lies in the fact that the third party, or bank in this case, will have power over your assets. Ouch.

But cryptocurrency is different

Do you know what makes cryptocurrency better than anything else out there?
It’s just so easy. Unless you’ve willingly given access to your crypto wallet over to a third party, it’s you who’s the sole owner of anything within it, including the public encryption keys!

If it wasn’t enough that only you, and you alone, can move your cryptocurrency around, it’s also ultra-safe.

The future is now

It almost sounds silly to say outright, but this finally means that you can own your own money

The era is cryptocurrency is finally upon us, and very soon we’ll be doing away with the financial institutions that have forced us to relinquish control of our own assets to them for far too long.

If you feel like taking control of your own capital, then be sure to grab a Dagwallet of your very own. We can’t wait to have you aboard!