Dagcoin is the first cryptocurrency designed for using, not trading – exactly the way money is supposed to be!

Dagcoin and the future of currencies

We believe that cryptocurrencies are here to be a step up from regular money. This means improving the speed of transactions while reducing the cost, giving access to money to more people with lesser restrictions and limitations, giving more freedom to transact. And at the same time preventing fraud and illegal activities. Dagcoin was created to fulfil all of these criterias – to become a digital version of money that people can use all around the world.

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Near-zero transaction fees

Fixed transparent transaction fee without any hidden fees or exchange rates. Does not matter whether sending 10 or 10 000 dags, the cost will always be around 0.0005 dagcoins.

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Almost instant transactions

Regular transactions can take weeks or days, several cryptocurrencies can take hours or tens of minutes. Dagcoin transactions are fully completed within 30 seconds on average.

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Freedom to transact

People around the world have the freedom to make fast and cost-effective transactions with their Dagcoin wallets. No limits, no restrictions. You have control over your money.

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Licensed cryptocurrency

Dagcoin has been granted government licenses for cryptocurrency and is strictly following KYC and AML laws to reduce illegal or criminal transactions of the financial world.


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Find merchants all around the world

Dagcoin is meant for using. Everything you do with regular currency, you will be able to do with dagcoins. This includes getting paid, going shopping, exchanging, taking loans, paying for services, travelling, and almost everything else that comes to your mind.

500 000+ members

The Dagcoin community is growing rapidly all around the world. Instead of creating a group of speculating traders who are chasing the price movement, we are building an educated community of cryptocurrency supporters who understand the long-term vision and are passionate about the true value of cryptos – the reasons they were created and how people worldwide can benefit.

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Quick specs and the whitepaper

Licenses:Dagwallet FVT000113
Transaction fee:Around 0.0005 DAG
Avg transaction time:30 seconds on average
Dagcoin price:
Total distribution:9 000 000 000 dags
Coin distribution:5% – team, founders, advisors 95% – community
Distributed coins:3B dags
Market cap:1 722 500 000 €
Available in (exchange)SwipeX
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The 3-step strategy for growth

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Create an ecosystem

The biggest innovators are flexible and can adapt to changes faster than the industry giants. It takes a while for the biggest companies to start accepting cryptocurrency. The best way to start is by creating an ecosystem and build the main products and services ourselves.

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Build the community

Once the ecosystem has been developed, we will grow the community and integrate the products and services into our everyday lives. A currency becomes strong once people and businesses start trusting and using it. We can show the world how cryptocurrency is truly meant to be used.

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Scale & co-operate

Scaling the community to millions of people assures that the ecosystem is working and gives insight for perfecting the products. This is required in order to begin cooperating with the biggest brands in the world, eventually leading to mass adoption.

What is Verify Once and How Does It Work?

Fraud is a huge problem today. Each year, millions of people worldwide are thought to be a victim of identity theft each and every year, in addition to insurmountable amounts of profits lost by businesses for similar reasons. It is why many governments around the world have introduced various Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) laws to counteract this. It is extremely likely that you have had to verify your identity - by providing a copy of your driving licence, passport or identity card – when applying for services or buying goods online (especially financial products and services). This process causes problems for both individuals and businesses. For individuals, it can take many hours or even days to become verified, by which time you may not need the product or service anymore or have found another quicker alternative. Likewise, for businesses to check the identity of all customers in such detail is very time consuming, costly and harms conversion rates.   Verify Once has been built to solve these issues. We know it can be frustrating to keep verifying your identity with each new company you wish to buy products from or whose services you wish to use. Especially when this process can take many hours or even days, leaving you without the product or service you need - perhaps desperately. The reason why we created Verify Once was to reduce the time and need to go through the verification process with multiple companies online and keep providing the same documentation again and again. This is why Verify Once does exactly as its name indicates. All you have to do is verify once, and you will never have to verify again in the Dagcoin ecosystem. But what do you need to do to verify yourself once and for all, and how long does it take? Getting verified with Verify Once is a quick and easy process that takes just a couple of minutes. All you have to do is enter your personal details, and upload a copy of a valid identity document as well as proof of address. Hit submit and you will receive an answer in just 60 seconds. Once your documents have been verified, they will be connected to the email address you registered on the Verify Once platform. To ensure that you and you alone have access, your account will be password protected. Meaning that only you have access to your verification data, all approved accounts with different companies/websites, and the possibility to apply for verified accounts with new businesses whose products you wish to buy or whose services you wish to use. Verify once - and never go through verification again in the Dagcoin ecosystem with any merchant that accepts VerifyOnce. But it isn’t just individuals that are at risk. Ecommerce, online gaming, and even social media companies are at high risk. Anyone with an e-commerce shop will be all too aware of chargebacks and fraudulently used card details. The new wave of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) laws are therefore widely welcomed. However, understanding and meeting these legislations can be difficult. Some larger companies and even smaller ones have taken specialist legal, AML or fraud staff on board in an effort to meet these new laws. But staff are often not just needed to set up and update these processes, but also to monitor and verify customer applications and accounts on a daily basis. This can lead to all kinds of outcomes, businesses that can verify customers quickly and efficiently, while at the same time greatly reducing fraud, can grow significantly. While companies with a slow, inefficient or weak process can see far lower customer conversion rates, and increased cases of fraud, criminals see them as a weak link in the industry. Verify Once processes and verifies customers, so you don’t have to. Saving you both time and money. At the same time meeting, all necessary Know Your Customer regulations. This is done by using state of the art technology which is fast, secure, automated, and integrated with artificial intelligence. Meaning that as criminals adapt and improve, so will the system. Conclusion Fraud costs both individuals and businesses around the world billions each and every year. This is why governments around the world have introduced various Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering Laws. This means as individuals you are often asked to confirm your identity by providing a copy of your ID, driving licence or passport when buying products or applying for services online. Businesses ask for this information not just to meet these regulations, but to keep you safe and prevent revenue losses to fraud. However, for individuals, the verification process can be time-consuming and repetitive (having to submit the same information again and again to different companies). And, for businesses, it is costly in terms of hiring the staff to check through your data and hiring experts to set up these processes. Verify Once gives you the chance to verify just once and then buy any products or apply for any service without needing to verify again in the Dagcoin ecosystem (with any Verify Once partner) and for businesses the safety and security of a system that meets KYC regulations, while at the same time cutting costs dramatically. Visit https://verifyonce.com to learn more.

What’s DAG-chain and How Does It Work?

Every day more and more people are switching to opportunities created by cryptocurrencies. While blockchain is currently the focus of many technology companies, DAG technology presents a viable alternative for different technological verticals: reducing transaction costs, improving transparency and increasing efficiency - all whilst providing a sustainable platform for companies to maintain the integrity of digital assets and transactions. In a highly competitive marketplace, DAG could really be the future of cryptocurrency. What is DAG-chain? Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology provides a new and unique way of imbuing all the benefits of blockchain within a more succinct system. Like blockchain, users on a network can secure each other’s information by referencing the previous unit transactions they created. However, unlike blockchain, DAG-chain transactions are confirmed between users in topological ordering. This means that information with any given value can only go from earlier to later in the sequence and does not have to loop back on itself to gain verification. This cuts out a lot of time making transactions and requires far less power to activate. Data is therefore sent from one node to another without having to loop back or follow a particular route. Think of it like a river that continues its course forwards in a sequential stream. Over time, tributaries join this river without slowing it down but instead creating a more powerful and faster flow. This river is always directed in a certain direction and does not have to go backwards to reach its final destination. This technological advancement allows DAG-chain to be used by larger communities as it's more scalable. What's more, the bigger the user base, the faster the transactions become without affecting the cost.

How Should Currencies Like Dagcoin Be Valued?

What is the true value of something? Items we purchase can also lose value over time as a result of wear and tear or new and better technologies. Computers and phones are great examples of this. Buy a $1000 smartphone today, and in just 5 short years it will be practically worthless. But what exactly creates the value behind the money in our pockets or the cryptocurrencies in our digital wallets? And, should this change? How Were Regular Currencies Valued? Classic metal coins – what we would call money today – began to enter circulation thousands of years ago. This money gained its value from the material it was made of, a gold coin obviously being more valuable than a silver, bronze, or even copper coin. This system was in place until the advent of paper money which worked on the premise that paper or non-precious metal coins provided by a bank or government could be exchanged for a certain amount of a precious metal if the holder of the money wished. For example, one British Pound used to be exchangeable for approximately 450g of silver. How They’re Valued Today However, today, no major currency in the world bases its value on an exchangeable weight of gold, silver or any other metal. The problem with this was that no country could increase how much money was in circulation without also increasing the amount of gold, silver, etc., that it held in its reserves. A fiat currency creates its value based on how much of the currency is in circulation, the number of people who are using it, as well as the health of the national economy it is from. This kind of currency gives governments more options. For example, when we look back at the financial crisis 10 years ago, governments were able to print more money. This meant that there was more money in the system that could be lent out to both individuals and businesses who could use this to buy goods or services, hire more workers or expand operations, the aim being to stimulate growth. What Should The Value of Cryptocurrencies Be Based On? We must understand that with cryptos, there is no bank or government in control of them and that almost all of them have a fixed number of coins in circulation or that can be mined. For this reason, no additional coins can be created to stimulate an economy during a downturn or even be taken away when inflation is too high. Cryptocurrency can only realistically be based on the size of the community using it, the number of businesses who accept and the number of transactions that take place each day using it. This is why Dagcoin has been created with a focus on usability. This has been done by creating a free suite of software to make it easy for businesses to start accepting Dagcoin. This software attracts merchants, which attracts users, which in turn attracts more merchants, and so on. So far Dagcoin has grown to over 300,000 users and 700 merchants worldwide. This focus on usability also means that Dagcoin cannot be traded and is found on no such exchange for that reason. Once the community is huge, Dagcoin will be valued by the laws of supply and demand. This will happen when the usability has reached levels that the price of Dagcoin is not influenced by trading. Conclusion Today, money gains its value from the government of the nation that controls it, the number of people using the currency and the state of the national economy. People have trust in the currency and trading does not influence the everyday price of it. Cryptocurrencies cannot gain their value in the same way in the beginning, therefore the value must be first based on: The number of people using the coin The number of businesses that accept the coin The number of daily transactions using the coin …and that’s exactly how and why Dagcoin is valued in this way.

How Dagcoin Eliminates Tax Evasion and Fraud

Paying taxes It’s fair to say that no-one really enjoys paying taxes. However, almost all of us pay our taxes dutifully because of the wider societal benefits, as well as for us as individuals. For those of you that pay your taxes, it is a bitter pill to swallow seeing billionaire owners of large corporations like Google and Amazon get away with paying almost no tax. It is made worse by poor government decisions. Like billions squandered on worthless projects or services that are promised, but never actually materialise. In some cases, fraud and embezzlement by politicians and their associates also see much of your hard-earned money lost forever. Is Cryptocurrency a solution to tax fraud? In total, it is believed that companies lose on average around 5% per year as a direct result of fraud. But just how could cryptocurrencies solve this problem? That is very simple: transparent transactions! For example, all tax money paid by large companies and rich individuals to the government will be clearly visible. Likewise, at the same time, government funds that are set aside to pay for certain services, such as education can be seen and tracked. For this reason, any under or overspending can be easily seen, along with who is receiving the payment and for what services. This makes it much harder for politicians to take some of this money for themselves or to provide preferential or overpaid contracts to friends, relatives or business associates. With cryptocurrencies such as Dagcoin, it is much harder or impossible to commit such crimes similar in nature to credit card fraud. Because no physical card or card details are provided. With a regular card, it can be swiped and cloned in a store or restaurant very easily, details can also be stolen from an online store database, or even provided to criminals directly, but unknowingly. With a cryptocurrency, you and you alone have access to your cryptocurrency wallet. Even if someone were to steal your phone, they would not have access without knowing your passwords. For businesses too, there would be a huge advantage of no fraudulent chargebacks. Chargebacks cost businesses around the world over $40 billion each year. A chargeback happens when a person pays for goods or services using their credit/debit card and then asks their bank to take this money back from the business. However, in the case of fraud, the client has likely already received the services or goods, or these goods are already on route. By the time a business is aware of the fraudulent chargeback, the client is often long gone with the money and the goods. As cryptocurrencies like Dagcoin do not have chargebacks, businesses can relax without the worry of chargeback fraud. Why Dagcoin is the most transparent currency Dagcoin was not just built to be a currency that could be used every day, by everybody, everywhere, it was also made to be the most transparent cryptocurrency. Currencies such as Bitcoin have hit serious legal problems in many countries around the world as a result of the anonymity of transactions, and their use to pay for illegal goods secretly in places such as the dark web. This has led to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies being banned in some countries around the world. It is these problems that have hindered their expansion into the mainstream, as the wider global population and governments simply do not trust them as they are not transparent enough. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Dagcoin keeps a full transaction history, just like you have with your bank statement. This doesn’t just mean that it can be used in the same way, to track income and expenditure or as a record when applying for a loan or mortgage. Knowing the senders, receivers and values of these transactions makes Dagcoin as transparent as a regular bank account, but with added security. Conclusion Large corporations and very wealthy individuals are getting away with paying very little or no tax. Governments and politicians are wasting and even embezzling public money for themselves. At the same time, benefit frauds are also costing the system billions. All these things mean that regular dutiful taxpayers like you and me are left to foot the bill by paying even higher taxes. However, cryptocurrencies such as Dagcoin offer a solution. That solution is transparency. 

Crypto Markets Maintain Resilience Despite Impact of Ukraine Conflict

Despite the gigantic impact on the global financial market as a whole, cryptocurrency markets have remained somewhat stable despite the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by the Russian state.  According to David Duong, Coinbase's head of institutional research, the key performance drivers for the crypto markets became "more entangled" in February, as the escalation of geopolitical tensions created more uncertainty about the possible normalization path to be taken by the US Federal Reserve. De-risking in the months leading up to the incident, as well as the quick escalation of the Ukraine crisis, resulted in enormous liquidations, forcing crypto markets to find a bottom sooner than predicted. According to the report, this, together with the assumption that the beginnings of such large-scale conflicts tend to be purchasing opportunities, and the conviction that the war would be relatively short-lived, have all contributed to the resilience. Crypto markets have received a brief respite, but this was likely due to technical factors, with the report adding that "positioning has assisted crypto markets in retracing, but we believe they remain in an unstable equilibrium." The medium-term forecast for the exchange is that the larger market will need more time to settle before it can begin to perform, which might come around the end of the second quarter. Prior to the invasion, a faster recovery was anticipated, but investors will likely want more certainty about the date of peak inflation and the Fed's rate rise cycle before they are prepared to deploy additional capital.

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