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DagWallet is the primary app for dagcoin – with the wallet app you can securely hold your dagcoins and send or receive dags. Choose your device and get started!

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Send and receive dagcoins

With the free dagcoin wallet you can easily accept dagcoin payments, send dags to your friends or family or use it for shopping. Just set the amount, scan the address and click send - easy as that.

Simple. But mighty.

Our primary goal, while designing the wallet, was to make as easy to use wallet as possible, so that everybody is able to use it... but at the same time, we wanted to keep all the mighty features that make it one of the safest wallets in the world.

Choose your device and download the free dagwallet

DagWallet is available for almost every device. There is a wallet for mobile, for tablet, for desktop, and separate wallet for web. Device wallets can only be accessed from your device, but webwallet is available from any browser.

Mobile & Tablet

Download dagwallet app directly to your mobile or tablet. No account creation is needed.


Download dagwallet app directly to your computer. No account creation is needed.

Online wallet

Create your DagWallet account and log in to your wallet from any device that is connected to the internet.

Get dagcoins through Swipex

Dagcoins can be bought through our partner exchange Swipex. The dagcoin price is the same as shown on our website and because Swipex isn’t trading platform, but currency exchange, getting dags is easier than buying any other cryptocurrency.

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