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Dagcoin is building the fastest growing and widest cryptocurrency ecosystem ever.The ecosystem has a strong emphasis on usability as it is the main cornerstone in building a stable currency for the future. A global currency that can be used and utilized all around the world.

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Dagcoin Technology

Dagcoin Technology consists of components that support the whole ecosystem by making platforms and services run seamlessly.

Financial Services

Financial Services consists of products and services that enable the community to exchange, receive, and grow their finances.


Entertainment consists of services that connect the community through games, lottery and other pastime activites.

Social Services

Social Services consists of charity, sponsorships, and insurance services with the aim of supporting those in need.

Shopping & Usage

Shopping and Usage consists of platforms that enable the members of the community to interact with one another.

Merchant Services

Merchant Services consists of different platforms and services for the merchants that make accepting, managing, and interacting with clients as easy as possible.