Dagcoin’s core development timeline

Dagcoin is building the fastest growing and widest cryptocurrency ecosystem ever. The ecosystem has a strong emphasis on usability as it is the main cornerstone in building a stable currency for the future. A global currency that can be used and utilized all around the world.

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Added on September 2020
  • Continuation of developing the new design for the new wallets
  • ATM and VATM development updates
  • Codebase improvements to witnesses
Added on August 2020
  • Live infrastructure migration to new servers
  • Live infra speed, recovery, and stability improvement
  • New wallet development for the desktop and web application
  • ATM and VATM integrations to the wallet
Added on July 2020
  • HMWS, KYC, and DMS services implementation to the enhanced platform
  • HMWS, KYC and DMS services speed improvement
  • KYC process improvement with phone verification
Added on June 2020
  • Infrastructure configuration for live server migration to enhanced platform
  • KYC improvement with email verification
  • New release for wallet 1.0 with updated KYC screens v. 2.2.4
  • Implementation of the new design into the wallet
Added on May 2020
  • New wallet version live with Merchant Finder
  • Improved KYC screens
  • New release for wallet 1.0 with updated KYC screens v. 2.2.4
  • Configuration of Kubernetes wallet prelive and stability test
  • Fixed HMWS que issues.
  • DMS: improved user sections: Added persmission layer
Added on April 2020
  • Integration of Merchant Finder into the wallet 2.0
  • Improving KYC process
  • Deployed new version of the explorer at production
  • HMWS live
  • DMS added HMWS statistics to DMS
Added on March 2020
  • KYC live for all platforms
  • Additional features namely Buy dagcoins and Use dagcoins screen
  • Rancher managing tool
  • KYC gateway Live
  • KYC process improved
  • DMS. Added KYC statistics
  • DMS. Improved transactions statistics by KYC data
Added on February 2020
  • KYC functionality testing
  • Improving KYC processes.
  • Finished production upgrade for OS
  • Restored performance network servers
  • Created CI/CD for explorer
  • KYC-sandbox upgrade, test and configuration
  • npm compile issues with core module connected to CI/CD
  • CI/CD to prelive for DMS, HMWS and Explorer
  • Transactional reporting solution for explorer
  • KYC integration with Verify Once
Added on January 2020
  • Implementing KYC screens in wallets 1.0 and 2.0
  • Integration and connecting KIT with KYC Gateway
  • Added new monitoring tools to the AWS instances (Elastic search + Kibana statistic and monitoring tool)
  • preLive servers update
  • created Fluentd configuration for client wallet versions statistics
  • Working on HMWS based on users needs. Documentation of API layer
  • DMS. Added User settings.
  • KYC: integration with VO API.
Added on December 2019
  • Started: KYC process description and analyse
  • Preparing visual screens and code base for KYC readiness
  • More black box testing
  • Fixed realtime statistics export
  • HMWS first version in prelive for testing
  • DMS: added additional statistics
  • Started developing KYC gateway
Added on November 2019
  • Wallet 2.0 Dark mode development started
  • New release with optimisations and improvments
  • Black box testing
  • Improved statistics data for DMS
Added on October 2019
  • IOS Wallet: Feedback fixes based on initual release
  • KIT for wallet: Smart contract research
  • Added Continuous Integrations for Native wallet repository and KIT repository.
  • Extensive penetration and security testing
  • Continuous development of DMS
  • HMWS: Headless Memory Wallet Service. Analysis and POC
Added on August 2019
  • Final testing of IOS wallet
  • IOS wallet release v1.0
  • Bug fixes
  • Explorer developments: DMS platform: Dag Monitoring System
Added on August 2019
  • Continue to integrate KIT with interfaces.
  • First testing of new wallet for IOS.
  • Wallet 1.0: Added double check functionality. New release v2.0.9
Added on July 2019
  • Starting to connect KIT for wallet with Interfaces.
  • Created Support version wallet (possibility to restore broken seeds)
Added on June 2019
  • Wallet 2.0 Added Pair devices screens
  • Wallet 1.0 new release 2.0.6
  • KIT for wallet: Completing working on Send functionality. Start working on Pair devices functionality
  • Galera cluster POC
Added on May 2019
  • Wallet 2.0: Added Send coins screens
  • Wallet 1.0 New release v2.0.4a (updated Node version)
  • KIT for wallet: continue working on send coins functionality
Added on April 2019
  • Wallet 2.0 Added Receive coins screens and adress book
  • KIT for Wallet: Started implementation of Send functionality
  • POC Galera cluster
Added on March 2019
  • Old wallet bugs fixing. new release 2.0.3
  • Wallet 2.0: added Create wallet screens
  • KIT for wallet: Implemented create wallet functionality
  • Added Servers Monitoring system (Zabbix)
Added on February 2019
  • Old wallet bugs fixing
  • Rebranding of wallet
  • Old wallet new version released. v 2.0.1t
  • Web wallet created and configured Continuous Integration
  • Improvements to infrastructure architecture
Added on January 2019
  • Angular wallet bugs fixing
  • Started development of new wallet (React-Native) for IOS and Android wallet (one code base)
  • Started development of new desktop wallet (React + Electron)
  • Improvements on VM’s
  • Performance improvements for Instances
Added on December 2018
  • Stability increase to all components and infrastructure
  • Dagcoin network for development – working (testnet)
  • Moved all related repositories to private repository
Added on November 2018
  • Analysis for structural improvements
  • Core code refactoring continued
Added on October 2018
  • Core performance improvements
  • Maintenance for old faucet, funding node
  • Core code refactoring continued.
Added on September 2018
  • Infrastructure stability and performance improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Core code refactoring
Added on June 2018
  • Merchant payment workflow update for new Dagchain and new wallet
  • Explorer style changes
  • Creation of private repositories
Added on May 2018
  • New Dagwallet app released
  • Support for old chain and new Dagchain
  • Mass distribution of bytes to users for migration
  • Creation of Live environment on AWS
  • Genesis unit setup for Live environment
Added on April 2018
  • Multiple UI changes and improvements to
    a. Seed recovery
    b. Address book
    c. Chat scrollbar
    d. Wallets
  • Continuing preparation to move from old chain to new Dagchain
  • Development of Migration assistant
Added on March 2018
  • Merchant integration test phase
  • Security improvements
  • Continuing with push notifications for android
  • Small design changes
  • Confirmed transactions on genesis unit
  • Preparations for transactions migration from old chain to the new Dagchain
  • Multiple device wallet additionol testing
  • Multiple UI changes and bug fixes
Added on February 2018
  • Wallet creation redesign
  • Receive page redesign
  • Fix: Exporting transaction in Windows
  • Setup of new hub, witness, relay, headless wallet and core
  • Bug fixes
Added on January 2018
  • Windows package creation automation
  • Complete redesign of the wallet creation process
  • Wallet refactor to angular 2+
  • Logical separation of wallet main pages
  • Exit from Byteball platform
Added on December 2017
  • Change of design and steps for creating wallet
  • Payment process moved to state machine for more control over the payment process
  • Notification of confirmed transaction
  • Possibility to restore from seed on active wallet
  • Wallet translation into several languages
Added on November 2017
  • Creation of Devnet for chain migration
  • Implementation of translation keys
  • Multiple UI flow fixes
  • Multiple bug fixes
Added on October 2017
  • New UI and architecture
  • Implementation of automatic file system
  • Ability to check if paired device is connected
  • Enable switching from light wallet to full wallet
  • Changes to UI flow and bug fixes
  • Implementation of automatic file system
  • Send and Home page improvements
  • Add ability to have multiple funding nodes
  • Custom QR code with logo
  • Automatically download client when new version is available
  • Hub with multiple addresses
Added on September 2017
  • Improve funding node and configuration
  • UI improvements
  • Architecture improvements
Added on August 2017
  • UI complete redesign
  • Ability to store pairing code and fee
  • Branch stabilisation, merges and bug fixes
Added on July 2017
  • Added functionality to store faucet payouts
  • Added validation of device address
  • Validation for negative numbers
  • Chatbot added for faucet
  • Code analysis for explorer for improving performance and stability
  • Funding node development
  • Improvements to AWS to increase network stability
  • Travis Continuous Integration implementation
  • Bug fixes
Added on June 2017
  • Initial setup of genesis unit for Dagcoin Network
  • Publication of faucet
  • Faucet improvements to make it reload instantly
  • Implementation of dynamic styles
  • Code analysis and bug fixing
  • Introduction os eslint