Dagcoin’s core development timeline

Dagcoin is building the fastest growing and widest cryptocurrency ecosystem ever. The ecosystem has a strong emphasis on usability as it is the main cornerstone in building a stable currency for the future. A global currency that can be used and utilized all around the world.

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  • 2016

  • 2017

  • 2018

  • 2019

  • 2020

  1. Idea

    The wish and desire to create a transactional digital currency was born

  2. Launch of Dagcoin

    Dagcoins created in the genesis unit as the first transaction defines the rules and parameters of the coin

  3. Launch of Explorer

    Chain explorer for keeping track of the transactions in the ledger

  4. Launch of wallets

    The wallet for storing and using dagcoins on the Byteball platform

  5. Chatbot to wallet

    Chatbot feature added to the wallet to have more functionalities and to simplify some transactions

  6. Funding Node

    A special node developed in order to automate the process of fuelling users with bytes for transactional costs

  7. New wallet design

    Design and user experience upgrades for the wallet

  8. Multiple languages in wallet

    The wallet application translated and translations enabled in many languages to better cater for the international user base

  9. Notifications in wallet

    Added functionality for in-app notifications for different transactions users perform in order to have better user experience and overview

  10. Dagpay launch

    Dagpay is a payment processing platform aiming to help both online and brick-and-mortar merchants all around the world to accept dagcoin payments

  11. Merchant Finder launch

    The perfect tool to find businesses that accept dagcoins locally and worldwide

  12. Setup of new chain

    Infrastructure for migrating to our own dagchain was set up

  13. Swipex soft launch

    The initial launch of a licensed cryptocurrency exchange platform aiming to give people access from fiat world to crypto world and vice versa.

  14. Dagpay plugins

    Plugins for e-commerce platforms Magento and WooCommerce

  15. Dagpay e-mail invoicing

    Merchants can accept payments using one-time and recurring mail invoices

  16. New Dagwallet app

    Dagwallet app was created for transacting on the new dagchain

  17. New Dagchain

    Migration from Byteball platform to our own dagchain

  18. Dagpay as SSO for Merchant Finder

    Merchants can now sign in to Merchant Finder using their Dagpay account for single sign-on

  19. Merchant verification to MF

    Verification procedures added to Merchant Finder platform to ensure that only authentic listings are shown to the large dagcoin community

  20. Swipex launch

    Swipex currency exchange platform got a complete redesign and was officially launched.

  21. Fundamental valuation

    Shifting from free market speculative and manipulated valuation to fundamental valuation based on community (users and merchants) size

  22. Dagpay redesign

    Dagpay got a redesigned look, user management was added for multiple layers and Point of Sale feature was added

  23. New Dagcoin brand

    Dagcoin’s brand got a beautiful upgrade from red colour to blue

  24. Wallet release

    New version on Android, v2.0.1

  25. Dagpay POS for Android

    Point of Sale app for Android was launched.

  26. Verify Once launch

    Verify Once is a platform which processes all the necessary verifications for Know Your Customer procedures. This is done by using state of the art technology which is fast, secure, automated, and integrated with artificial intelligence.

  27. Wallet release

    New version on Android, v2.0.3

  28. Dagpay plugins

    Plugins for e-commerce platforms OpenCart and PrestaShop

  29. Verify Once to Dagcoin Grow

    Verify Once user identity verification platform was integrated to Dagcoin Grow platform

  30. Verify Once to Dagcoin Giftcard

    Verify Once user identity verification platform was integrated to Dagcoin Giftcard platform

  31. Wallet release

    New version on Android, v2.0.4

  32. Dagpay plugins

    Plugin for e-commerce platform Easy Digital Downloads

  33. Dagcoin Grow launch

    The platform allows users of dagcoin to safely store their coins and earn extra coins based on the time they are being held. An excellent way to grow the amount of coins you hold.

  34. Virtual Dagcoin Giftcard launch

    Possibility to purchase and download a virtual PDF gift card or send it to someone’s email. An ideal present for friends, colleagues or family – something that opens the door for them to the world of cryptocurrency.

  35. Wallet release

    New version on Android, v2.0.6

  36. Verify Once to Swipex

    Verify Once user identity verification platform was integrated to Swipex exchange platform

  37. Wallet release

    New version on Android, v2.0.

  38. Verify Once to Dagpay

    Verify Once user identity verification platform was integrated to Dagpay platform

  39. iOS wallet

    New version on iOS, v1.0

  40. First ATM assembly

    The ATM is an automated teller machine that provides the possibility to purchase dagcoins for cash

  41. Dagmarket launch

    The online marketplace for buying and selling products using dagcoins. The go-to platform for the whole community.

  42. Explorer DMS live

    Launching the Dag Monitoring System is the first step from many to come for dagchain explorer to becoming the leading explorer in transparency in the crypto world.

  43. Dagcard user testings

    The first version of Dagcard was tested with initial user group

  44. Verify Once to Dagmarket

    Verify Once user identity verification platform was integrated to Dagmarket marketplace platform

  45. Verify Once rebrand

    Complete visual rebranding with major UX and UI improvements

  46. DagTelecom test group

    DagTelecom beta was tested by a group of 500 community members

  47. Dagcard NFC to Dagpay and Dagwallet

    Merchants can now use their Dagpay account to accept customers’ payments using Dagcard via near-field communication (NFC)

  48. ATM legal framework

    Legal framework was put in place for businesses wanting to set up their ATM

  49. Dagmarket reviews

    Possibility to give reviews to users you have dealt with helps to better recognize good and also dishonest buyers and sellers on the platform

  50. Physical Dagcoin Giftcard launch

    Possibility to purchase physical gift cards that will be sent to specified address via post

  51. DagTelecom for Android live

    After successful testing, we launched the Android versioon of the platform that enables users to make a call to anyone in the world and pay for it with dagcoins

  52. KYC in wallets

    Know your customer procedures implemented in the wallets in order to prevent fraudulent, criminal and illegal use of dagcoins.

  53. KYC data on DMS

    Know your customer data added to Explorer’s Dag Monitoring System for further transparency and better prevention of criminal activity and money laundering.

  54. DagTelecom for iOS live

    After successful testing, we launched the iOS version of the platform that enables users to make a call to anyone in the world and pay for it with dagcoins

  55. Verify Once to DagTelecom

    Verify Once user identity verification platform was integrated to DagTelecom platform

  56. Payment methods for Giftcards

    Additional payment methods were added to gift card ordering through credit card and Paypal

  57. Verify Once to Dagwallet

    Verify Once user identity verification platform was integrated to Dagwallet on all platforms

  58. Wallet release

    New version on iOS, v1.1.0

  59. Dagcard launch

    The Dagcard is an easy-to-use contactless payment card allowing you to pay with dags at merchants accepting dagcoins, without the need for an internet connection. As the card works on NFC, simply tap the card against the terminal and the payment is done!

  60. Dagmarket Jobs launch

    This platform connects the people who want to use dagcoins to those who want to earn dagcoins. Whether you need a logo or someone to cut the grass around your house, just list the job on the platform and enjoy the result.

  61. TwiceDice launch

    A platform for gambling and sports betting fans with almost 1500 different games to play

  62. Wallet release

    New version on iOS, v1.2.0

  63. Merchant Finder in Dagwallet

    Merchant Finder can now be found in your Dagwallet application, which makes it super convenient to find merchants where to spend your coins

  64. Dagcard

    New payment methods (PayPal and bank cards) were added for ordering Dagcards

  65. Dagpay

    The Dagpay website was enhanced and improved in order to provide a clearer overview of the available solutions for merchants.

  66. Dagcard

    Verify Once was integrated to Dagcard in order to enhance the verification process.

  67. Swipex

    Payment link improvements – instant top-up via MC/Visa/ApplePay/Paypal etc is now supported for all currencies available in SwipeX.

  68. Dagitally

    The new version of Dagitally platform was launched in Dagmarket.

  69. Dagdonate

    Launch of the new platform to enable the community to help charities all around the world

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