Wouldn’t it be swell if you could run your business without the enormous transaction fees and fraudulent check backs? Wait, what? There IS a way to that? Yes, and it’s called Dagpay. Dagpay is a tool to make the process of paying online as comfortable as possible. Let's have a closer look.

What is Dagpay?

DagPay is a business platform for companies. It is the most convenient to use for eCommerce companies. At least for today. Soon enough we'll be expanding our reach. So, if you’re running an online company, this is your new go-to thing.

Let’s keep digging into this subject. Dagpay is a payments processing platform aimed at merchants worldwide who want to accept dags for their products and services. It’s a super easy way to obtain payments and keep an overview of your business transactions at the same time.

PS! It’s not our thing to rest on laurels. It’s not the way we do business. We aim to reach more and are always looking into the future. So, we’re continually developing the Dagpay platform and guarantee you that it will be even more significant a solution than it already is today.  

The features of Dagpay:

  • Statistics. You can keep track of all your transactions and use them to advance your business even further;
  • Quick and Easy. You can create your account quicker than a lightning bolt in Merchant Finder and start enjoying the benefits straight away;
  • Email invoicing. Makes your day-to-day finances so much more functional. Go digital nomad as you can access your emails and finances anytime anywhere in the world;
  • Painless integration with other platforms. If you have an online shop and you’re using the Woocommerce and/or Magento platform, we’ve created easily integratable plugins which give your customers the possibility to pay directly with their Dagcoins. We’d say that around 40% of all online shops are on these two platforms, so win-win!  
  • API integration for shops that are on a different platform than Woocommerce and Magento platform. No problemo.

Why Dagpay?

As you can see, Dagpay is a great way to do eCommerce. It offers you a fast and reliable way to process payments and do it so much cheaper than through other means, i.e., credit cards.

Enter the Global marketplace and increase your revenue

  • Crypto's decentralized nature enables small businesses to expand quickly and open their doors to international buyers to whom their products and services were once inaccessible;
  • Customers who are passionate about cryptocurrency want to use it. They are not interested in gathering dust on the shelf as a token of some sorts. Trust me; they’ll choose the stores that accept digital money when given the option;
  • Connect to genuinely borderless payment network and receive payments in various amounts, from anywhere in the world, from any computer or mobile device.

No hidden fees ‒ keep more of your money

  • Credit card companies charge up to 3% per transaction. With Dagpay the transaction fees are three times smaller ‒ only 1% per sale. Plus, until Dagpay is still in public beta phase till the end of 2018, the transaction fee is 0%!
  • Most credit card companies have colossal transaction fees. Additionally, they might have multiple hidden costs for currency converting. That is when the payment is from another country or when you want to withdraw money. With Dagpay your only financial commitment is one rather a small fee without any other hidden costs.

Did we peak your interest? Get in contact! Let’s talk some more.