Dagcoin distribution

Learn more about the distribution of the coins. Discover how many coins have been already distributed, how many are still available and what is the strategy on putting the coins into the hands of millions.


2.778 billion coins distributed 0.222 billion coins available

Dagcoin has issued 9 billion coins in total, where 3 billion coins will be distributed directly to the community. Out of these 3 billion coins, 2.778 billion coins have already been distributed and only 0.222 billion coins are available.

In total there are currently 
9 billion dagcoins

The coins have been predefined into a wallet in the genesis unit of the dagchain. Since there is no mining involved in dagchain, there is also no extensive energy consumption. This makes the currency environment friendly and sustainable.

The coins are divided into three. A small part of them is meant for the team creating the technology, the concept, the ecosystem and all around it. Another part is to be sold to end users and the raised funds are used to finance the technical development, legal work, marketing and business expansion. The final part is separated for huge partnerships and joint projects creating worldwide usability for the coin.

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Just 5% is reserved for the developers and founders

It is very common in business to reward employees with shares or options of shares to ensure higher commitment and dedication towards the company. In cryptocurrency, coins are used for this kind of incentive.

The contribution of any team member is always greater when they know and feel that the success of a project also means success in their life. This is why we are rewarding all of our developers and contributors, our founders and our advisors by giving them coins that are unlocked and become free over a 3-5 year period.

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450 million dags

3 billion coins are available for distribution

Cryptocurrency is meant to improve financial inclusion and people’s ability to transact. Therefore, the word about crypto and its benefits should be spread first and foremost amongst people who have these challenges. Most often these are developing countries where people are not plugged into the internet reading about innovation in financial technology.

In order to reach to people in areas where using cryptocurrency solves problems and is greatly needed, we have been using a referral model from person to person to create and build the base of users for our currency. The model has proven to be successful as our community has grown to more than 500 000 people around the world, mostly in developing countries.

Altogether 3 billion coins are sold to users in the distribution phase. Once these coins run out there are no more coins sold to end users.


6 billion coins are currently frozen

These coins are reserved for usability partnerships or, in unused, burned in the end of 2022. Usability Partnerships are partnerships with organisations or entities that bring widespread usability and huge growth to the community of Dagcoin.

These partnerships can be with:

  • a government of a country accepting Dagcoin as an alternative currency next to their national currency;
  • a region, county or state in a country making Dagcoin accepted there;
  • a multinational e-commerce platform integrating Dagcoin into their system including their userbase;
  • a business platform with millions of users etc.
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