There are many unfortunate consequences of the coronavirus outbreak. The most important, of course, is the tragic loss of hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide. In addition, the lockdowns initiated by governments to help combat the spread of the virus and save lives – have had a devastating effect on the global economy.

With people not allowed to socialise or move around, many businesses – especially in the hospitability and tourism sectors – have closed, and countless others have gone bankrupt. This has led to untold millions of people around the world being made unemployed.

That is why we have created…

Dagmarket Jobs

In order to help people who have been made unemployed because of the virus, as well as those on reduced hours and salaries – we have developed Dagmarket Jobs. Very simply, it connects those who need something done with people who are willing to do the work. All jobs completed on the platform will be paid for with dagcoins.

Dagmarket Jobs is perfect for individuals who are looking for someone to help them complete a small project or a simple task. Whatever task you need completing, the platform is a great way to connect with job seekers around the world, and find the most suitable person for the task. 

This year, from March to May this year, more than 30 million people lost their jobs just in the US. This is a level of unemployment that has not been seen since the great depression in the 1930s. And, the US is not alone. Hundreds of countries around the world are also reporting record unemployment figures, despite unprecedented stimulus packages designed to keep people in work.

For those of you that are looking for a job right now, or are looking for extra money to cover your reduced wages, it might seem like an impossible task. 

Dagmarket Jobs is a great way for you to find work and earn more dags at this difficult time. This could be the time that you gain a new passion or skill, or obtain the work experience you need to take your career to the next level. Because you choose when and where you work, you have complete control.

Are you looking for a helping hand? Try Dagmarket Jobs!