Dagcommunity connects and brings together people all over the world who wish to buy or sell dagcoins. The platform acts as a medium between buyers and sellers – this means that the users can set the prices of their offers alongside the preferred payment methods of cash or bank transfer.


Buying or selling dagcoins on Dagcommunity may turn out to be faster than on SwipeX as you can scope out an offer suitable for you, make a payment via bank transfer, and receive the coins straight into your Dagcoin wallet. By providing faster options to trade different currencies with dagcoins, Dagcommunity offers more liquidity for Dagcoin.


This project is currently in the process of development. Stay up to date with our latest news and be the first to hear about the launch!

Getting dagcoins is simple

We have developed many ways for you to become a part of the Dagcoin community. Either purchase dagcoins from our SwipeX exchange, redeem a Dagcoin Gift Card, or start accepting dags with your business. Explore and choose the best option for you!

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