2020 was a turbulent year to say the least. However, as 2021 dawns, so does the hope of a slow return to normality.

The beginning of the year is always important for businesses, with January sales a big part of that. Did you know that on average consumer spending in January is higher than in December?

In this blog, we have talked about the many benefits of accepting Dagcoin as a payment method and how it can help improve sales, including:

  • The free Merchant Finder tool that provides free advertising for your business to a growing community of more than 500,000 Dagcoin users worldwide.
  • The free Point of Sale (POS) app that makes it possible to accept Dagcoin payments in your shop just as quickly as card payments.
  • The free Webshop Plugins that make it possible for you to accept Dagcoin payments quickly and easily at your online store.
  • The free email Invoicing tool that enables you to create and send invoices in seconds, and get paid in the same timeframe too.

In this article, we will talk about yet another benefit of accepting Dagcoin, V-ATM! But what is V- ATM and how can it help you improve sales in 2021? Let’s find out…

What is V-ATM?

Put simply, V-ATM is a Virtual ATM that allows you to sell Dagcoins to your customers so that they can buy products from you at a discounted rate using Dagcoin. Where this gets good is the fact that we will reward you in Dags and Euros for selling the coin.

This means you will get paid twice, once from the customer and once from us. Giving you the opportunity to offer your customers discounts that your rivals won’t be able to compete with, even the big boys.

This is a real win-win for everyone involved. You will attract more customers by offering bigger discounts and earn twice (from us and them). Your customers will get a fantastic deal too, which will make them want to use you again, and Dagcoin will get more users.

Moreover, your customers will be buying Dags from you at the current exchange rate. Making your V-ATM a fair place to buy Dags, adding further to your trustworthiness as a retailer.

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How it Works – For Merchants

Signing up to V-ATM and offering discounts to your customers is a simple 3-step process:

Step 1 – Signing up

As with almost anything these days, the first thing you will need to do is sign-up online. To do this you will need to go to the Dagpay page and login to your account (if you don’t have Dagpay yet, don’t worry, you can also sign-up here too).

Once you are in your account, all you have to do is click on the V-ATM section and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 2 - Print and present the QR code

We will review your application, and if all is good, we will send you approval along with everything you will need to get started.

In this acceptance pack, you will receive QR banners that you can print out and display in your shop or business location alongside your discount offer.

Step 3 - Sell your products using the V-ATM QR code and double your profits

This is the easiest part, and what you do best – selling! Encourage your customers to take advantage of the discount they will get by using the V-ATM QR code to buy Dagcoins and pay for the product they want.

Because you will be paid by both the customer and us for each sale, you don’t just have the chance to double your profits, but to offer discounts that your competition won’t be able to match. Attracting more customers, reducing churn, and maybe even getting back some old customers that you lost to rivals in recent months or years.

How it Works – For Customers

In this section, we will cover the process from the customers perspective so that you can guide them if they need any help.

Step 1 - Scanning the QR Code

The very first thing your customers will need to do is scan your V-ATM QR code using their smartphone. If they do not have an app on their phone to scan QR codes, there are many such apps available for free on both the Google Play and App Stores.

Step 2 - Downloading DagWallet

The next thing your customers will need to do is download DagWallet. This is the virtual wallet where they can store their Dagcoins and make/receive payments using the coin. They can download DagWallet (and learn more about it) here.

Step 3 – Buying Dagcoins

Now that your customers have a DagWallet and have been verified, they can now buy Dags from you using the V-ATM at the current exchange rate. This is the same process as a regular Dagcoin transaction, and they will receive Dags to their wallet within 10 seconds of making the purchase.

Step 4 – Paying for their Products

They are now at the final (and best) part of the process – the purchase of the discounted products. This discount will make your customers happy and more likely to return in the future. In addition, you will receive double the profit too because we will also pay you. It truly is a Win-Win!


V-ATM is a Virtual ATM that allows you to sell Dagcoins directly to your customers so that they can buy discounted products from you using Dagcoin. We will then reward you in Dags and Euros for selling the coin. Meaning you will get paid twice, from the customer and from us.

Because you are getting paid double, this means that you can offer discounts that will make you cheaper than your rivals, maybe even the big boys like Amazon. With such discounts, not only will you be able to make more sales, you will also attract new customers, reduce churn, and even get back those clients that you lost in previous months and years. 

Setting up V-ATM is simple and easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Go to the Dagpay page and log in to your account (or sign up if you don’t have an account) click on V-ATM and follow the online instructions.
  2. Print your individual QR code and display it with your discount promotion in your store or business
  3. Sell the discount your clients will get from using Dagcoin V-ATM to buy products from you.

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