From a very early age, we are all taught about the benefits of saving our money. When we are young we are encouraged to save our pocket money, Christmas money, etc., for the thing we really want, or, as we often hear “to save it for a rainy day”.

As we grow older the things we save up for get bigger, such as holidays, a car, the deposit for our first home, and retirement. Along with the money we put in our savings account each week or month, the bank also gives us a little bit extra in the form of interest.

Before the financial crises, you could earn a healthy interest from any savings you had in the bank. People could almost get 8% on a fixed-term savings account back in 2008. However, after the crash, this fell close to 0%, somewhere where it has stayed more or less for the last 10 years.

So where can you save your money today and still get a healthy rate of return? For a lot of people, this is buying or trading crypto? Although these could have high returns, they are also very risky.

What if there was a way that you could earn extra crypto coins without the risks of trading?

Dagcoin Grow has been developed as the world’s first fixed-term savings account for a cryptocurrency – solving just this issue. But how does it work?

A Crypto Savings Account

Fixed-term saving accounts, also known as fixed-term bonds work on a very simple premise. You give your money to the bank or financial institution for a fixed period of time, and at the end of that period, you receive your original investment along with the agreed additional interest.

Fixed-term accounts normally have a higher rate of interest than normal savings accounts. This is because by locking that money away – meaning you cannot access it – for the duration of the agreed period banks and financial institutions are able to invest this without the threat of the money being withdrawn.

Dagcoin Grow works in a very similar way to a regular fixed-term savings account. You choose the period of time of 12, 24 or 36 months and the amount of dags you would like to deposit. You will then be informed of the amount of extra dagcoins you will receive at the end of your chosen period. It really is that easy?

But with the security of cryptocurrency wallets and trading platforms coming in to question on a regular basis, is it safe?

Offline = More Secure

In May this year hackers stole more than $40 million dollars’ worth of Bitcoin from Binance – one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges. They did this via a number of sophisticated phishing techniques and viruses aimed at what are known as hot wallets – those which are stored online.

However, there is another kind of wallet – a cold wallet. These are wallets that are stored offline. Because cold wallets store your money offline, the viruses and malware like those used by the Binance hackers simply can’t be used. This makes them much harder to break in to and why hot wallets are the primary target for hackers.

These two types of wallets, therefore, have their uses, online (hot) wallets for making transactions, and offline (cold) wallets to store your money and keep it safe. This why most experts will say if you are not making a transaction the safest place to store your money is offline in a cold wallet.

When you invest in Dagcoin Grow, regardless of the duration period you choose, we will keep your dags stored safely offline. This doesn’t just make sure that your money is kept safe and secure, but that it will return to you at the end of your chosen period with the added interest.

Grow with Dagcoin

So why have we developed Dagcoin Grow? Dagcoin is a cryptocurrency that has been built to be used, not traded like other cryptos. This is why transactions take less than 30 seconds, why it is possible to spend your dags in stores and buy products online, to name but a few…

Dagcoin Grow is another great product that makes using Dagcoin more like standard money. You can now save your dags and receive a fixed return at the end of your chosen period, just like a regular savings account.

Dagcoin Grow is our way of rewarding those who believe in our vision and mission. So far Dagcoin has almost 400,000 users and nearly 1000 businesses accepting it as a payment method, with more joining every day.

If you want to spend some of your dags and save some – you can. If you believe in what we are doing, but want to wait till there are more merchants. Open a Dagcoin Grow account, and have even more money waiting for you when there are.

Not only that, by using Dagcoin Grow you help to build a bigger community of users, which attracts more merchants and in turn more users. Making Dagcoin a more stable and usable cryptocurrency.

Dagcoin Grow is available to anyone in the Dagcoin community. Using it is an easy three-step process – sign up, deposit, and grow!

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We all know the benefits of saving. It enables us to buy the things we want, to cover those unexpected expenses, and make our retirements more secure. The better we are able to save the more comfortable our lives are.

But to this date the only way to earn from crypto has either been by trading it or buying and holding it in the hope it will increase in the future. However, both of these techniques are as volatile as crypto prices – just look at the Bitcoin crash in 2017-18.

Dagcoin Grow offers the world’s first crypto savings account. You choose the period of time of 12, 24 or 36 months and the amount of dagcoins you would like to deposit. At the end of your chosen period, you will receive your original investment along with the agreed number of extra coins.

This takes away the high risks of trading and gives you even more coins as the currency grows in value. It really is a win-win.

All you need to do is sign up, deposit, and watch your dagcoins grow.

Join a community of nearly 400,000 people using Dagcoin.