One of the things the information age has taught us is that everything can always be done faster. We all expect bank transactions to be immediate, however with current banking systems, that is not the case. There are often long confirmation times even for local transactions but with Dagcoin, you can enjoy the DAG advantage. Here are 5 common reasons why your bank transactions could be delayed:

  • Bank holidays and weekends

As banks require a large number of manual processing for transactions, when bankers rest, the transactions stop. This means transfers can only be processed during specific timeframes. For instance, when doing business with the MENA region, weeks are from Sunday to Thursday, and the rest of the world works from Monday to Friday. This means there are only four common working days, from Monday to Thursday. In countries like UAE during Eid, or China during the Golden Week, banks are closed for a little more than one week, and transactions can take up to two weeks or longer to be approved.

  • Time differences

The length of time it takes for an international bank transfer to be fully processed might greatly depend on the time zones involved. Your bank transfer will take considerably longer if you send money to a location with a big time difference. The transaction can start being processed up to 24 hours after you send it and it will take a few working days to receive confirmation.

However, even for a local bank transfer, timing is crucial. Payments processed at the close of business are usually sent the following business day.

DAG advantage: Our DAG-chain technology enables our users to make transactions within 30 seconds on average. No matter the time, date, or season, you can enjoy fast transactions with Dagcoin.

  • Currency exchange

When making international transfers in different currencies, there are more transaction touchpoints. The transfer is often processed by multiple banks before it reaches the final destination. With the backlog of other transactions, international transfers can be anything from a few days to weeks.

DAG advantage: When it comes to international transfers, there is no need for currency exchange, you can purchase the goods and services in dags so there is no need for extra touchpoints in the transaction. The dags will be transferred in less than a minute.

  • Incorrect payment details

One of the most common delays in money transfers originates from human error in entering transaction details. The bank will not approve a transaction with even one wrong letter or number. This leads to the rejection of the transaction and the money being sent back to the sender’s account, and they will have to start the transaction all over again. This is an expensive and time-consuming exercise.

  • Missing paperwork

When making international transfers there are different monetary laws for each country and there should be paperwork that needs to be processed for the transfer. Failure to submit one document could lead to severe delays.

DAG advantage: With Dagcoin, there is also no need to worry about paperwork, countless documents, monetary laws, human errors in entering details, and so much more because Dagcoin uses Know Your Customer (KYC) to verify users on the Verify Once platform.

KYC validates the identity of the user who is associated with a certain wallet. You can transfer dags to the verified user by clicking a link they send to you or scanning their wallet barcode. Once you approve the transfer, they will receive your funds in under a minute.

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