We wrote back in August about the release of the Dagpay Point Of Sale App. Since its release, the number of businesses accepting Dagcoin as a payment method has more than doubled. And, in no doubt due to the success of the App. But what does it offer you and your business?

Before we dig deep into the benefits the app can bring your business. If you have not heard about it before, here is a little introduction to the App:

The Dagpay Point of Sale app is a dedicated Android app for businesses that makes it possible to accept Dagcoin payments at your store, salon, restaurant, gym, etc. The App can be easily downloaded for free from the Google Play store and used on any Android device (an iOS App is coming shortly).

And, not only is it free to download, but it is also free to use. Therefore you don’t have to worry about monthly subscriptions or hidden fees. But the cost benefits don’t end there, let’s find out more…

Cheap to Set Up

For anyone who currently owns a shop, café, gym, or salon or is thinking about setting one up. You know how expensive a cash desk or computer payment system can be. With the Dagpay Point of Sale App, all you need is an Android phone or tablet and you are ready to start accepting Dagcoin payments.

Because most people own a smartphone or tablet this gives many individuals and small businesses in the developing world an alternative to cash payments for the very first time. Not only is it free to download and use (no subscription fees), it is much more secure than holding all your takings in cash. For other businesses, this makes Dagcoin a cheap way to introduce and integrate a new payment option on top of existing cash and card payments.

Easy to Use

Using the app couldn’t be easier, all you need to do is enter how much the customer has to pay. The app will then generate a unique QR code. All the customer has to do is scan this code with their smartphone or tablet and the payment is then processed.

At this point, you will see feedback on the status of the payment. But you won’t have to wait long for it to be done (about 30 seconds). As soon as the payment is complete you will have the option to send the receipt to the customer’s email address – should they want it.

The biggest benefit to this ease of use is that all of this takes just 30 seconds. The same amount of time to process a debit or credit card payment!

Accurate Record Keeping

Not only does the Dagpay app provide a fast and easy way to accept Dagcoin payments, but also a detailed history of all transactions. This makes record keeping much easier. Maybe you want to see if more customers are using Dagcoin as a payment method, what percentage of your sales are done with Dagcoin, or what affect this is having on your business as a whole.

Keeping a digital record of all transactions can be life-changing too. For businesses that have only accepted cash until now. Accepting Dagcoin gives you a digital record of your transactions for the first time. This record could be used to get a loan from a bank.

Perhaps you want to buy more stock, start a second store, or grow from a local to regional business, or even a national to international business. Having this record of incomings and outgoings could be the proof of income you need to gain the finance required to grow.

Integrates with Existing POS Software

The benefits of accepting dags are clear if you have a small business, such as a single shop, café, or market stall. You can buy or use your own android device as a way to accept payments. But what if you have a bigger business with many locations?

In this situation, you will probably have your own Point of Sale system already in place. Staff who are trained to use it. And, with all your figures in one system, a straightforward record of transactions for your accountants.

Therefore, buying Android devices for each location, training staff to use them, and getting accountants to also process payments from Dagpay system just adds too much time, and as a result expense.

It is for that reason we are in the process of creating POS integrations that will allow you to seamlessly integrate Dagcoin payments into your existing POS software solution. So watch this space!

More Customers

Despite the occasional good month, footfall in shops has seen a slow and steady decline since the 2008 recession. For example, between November 2017 and 2018 footfall in UK shops fell by 3.2%.

Although some may place part of the blame for this fall on Brexit, and the continuing effects of the recession. The bigger effect is the increase in online shopping. So the big question here is how do you keep or even increase the number of people in your shop despite the lower numbers as a whole.

One answer is to open yourself up to new markets and users. Dagcoin currently has 400,000 users and that number is growing each day (just one year ago this number was 150,000) By accepting Dagcoin, you are potentially opening yourself up to thousands of people in your local area who may start using your shop, café, gym, salon, or market stall.


Accepting Dagcoin as a payment option in your shop, business, café, bar or salon couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is download the POS App from the Google Play store (an iOS App is coming shortly) and you are good to go.

The fact that the Dagcoin Point of Sale App works on any Android devices makes it incredibly cheap to start accepting Dagcoin payments (free if you already have a device). In turn, because Dagcoin payments can be processed so quickly (around 30 seconds) using the app makes accepting a Dagcoin payment just as fast and easy as a debit or credit card payment.

Not only that, because all transactions are stored in the app this allows you to keep an accurate record of all sales and purchases. You can use this information to better understand your business, or as proof of income if you are seeking finance from a bank. If you already use POS software, you will soon be able to integrate Dagcoin payments into that system too.

But last but not least, accepting Dagcoin opens up your business to a growing community of more than 400,000 people using the coin. The new customers you gain could be just what you need to take your local business national or national business international. We believe in you!

Join a growing community of over 1000 businesses accepting Dagcoin.