As technology and wider society progress, so does our need for higher standards — both in the crypto-world, and the slightly more mundane real world.

Due to the proliferation of the Internet, as well as continuing globalisation, societies are growing ever-larger, but also ever more impatient. With each day that passes, the value of efficiency, optimisation, and speed increases.

Speed’s the thing in the (cryptocurrency) world!

Back in the day before cryptocurrencies and challenger banks, international bank transfers could often take over a week to go through and were expensive to say the least. Although that issue hasn’t entirely been alleviated, we’ve come leaps and bounds since then.

Once Bitcoin entered the ring, international transfers were now possible within minutes, not days — still not perfect, but a huge breakthrough nonetheless, as well as a sign of things to come. Crypto was here to stay, and with it, expedient transfers.

Unfortunately, this initial rapid advancement has led to stagnation, not forward momentum. It seems we’re still awaiting the technological solution to meet our developing standards.

Envisage this — all transfers, international or otherwise, being completed with a single minute. Try to picture how the world’s economy would shift, and the impact this would have on overall money movement. Incredible, right?

No middlemen means no miners

But is this even possible?

Yes. 100 percent. How do we know this? Well, it all lies within Dagchain.

As Dagchain doesn’t utilise a block system, everything is handled through a centralised network. This means unimaginably fast transfers when compared with Blockchain-based transfer speeds.

And what’s even more significant, is that there are no miners involved. The validation of transactions goes directly to the operations themselves. For users, this means transactions pass almost instantly. 

Plus, there’s the environmental advantage as no massive energy consumption is needed for daily mining. Every little helps, right? 

But that’s not all. The more users there are, the faster the confirmation times become. Dagchain efficiency is nigh-on limitless.