We have spoken in previous articles at great length about the many amazing benefits of Dagcoin - and cryptocurrencies in general. Just last month we wrote about how Dagcoin was giving the chance for 2 billion people around the world who are not able to open a bank account the chance to build a credit history, save money and create a better future for themselves.

In turn, Dagcoin has been built to be used – not traded like all other cryptos. This means that as a currency it has been developed to be fast and cheap for everyday use, and that's not all. You can read more advantages here.

It is these great benefits that have drawn more than 350,000 people to begin using Dagcoin, and almost 800 businesses to begin accepting it as a payment method.

However, as with any digital currency, it is essential to create a secure and easy to use a digital wallet for people to keep their hard-earned wages, business income or savings safe. While at the same time quick and easy to use when you need to send money, buy goods or receive a payment.

That is why we created the following two solutions…

The DagWallet

Download the DagWallet today from https://dagcoin.org/wallet/.

We spoke above about making Dagcoin as usable as possible, and one of the things that makes it usable - especially for the poorest people in the world - is the fact that it is cheap to use.

The DagWallet app is absolutely free to download. When you compare this to banks who have regular monthly fees just to have an account, it is already a cheaper solution. But when you factor in that banks charge between 1.5-5% per cent to make an international transfer, compared to Dagcoin that has an extremely small fee of around 0.0005 DAG, the savings really do start to add up. For those on very low incomes – less than $2.50 per day, it could mean the difference between going hungry or eating, and for those sending large sums of money - savings of many hundreds and thousands in fees.

Not only is it free to use and available on Android and iOS, but you can also download and use the app on Windows (both 32 and 64 bit), Mac OS, Linux

This means that it doesn’t matter what kind of device you have; smartphone, tablet, pc or mac - you can download the DagWallet and begin using Dagcoin.

You might think if it is cheap and easy to use, that it is probably less safe than a regular bank account, cash or credit/debit cards. But, the reality is the opposite! Fraud is a big problem when it comes to the regular banking system. For example, your credit or debit card details can be stolen very simply when buying goods online or via card skimmers in shops, restaurants and on ATMs. It is such a big problem that over 16 million people in the US alone are thought to be a victim of such fraud each year.

With DagWallet, even if someone steals your phone, they won’t be able to access your DagWallet without knowing your password. In turn, because you do not give out your details online or in person it is not possible for someone to debit money from your wallet, unless you make the payment yourself. Giving you extra control over your money.

Lastly, if your wallet is lost or stolen it can take many days or even a week or two to get all your credit and debit cards back, and back to normal. With DagWallet all you have to do is download the app to a different device and you are back into your wallet and ready to spend and manage your money.

On that note, the next solution offers you even more options…

The webwallet

While DagWallet gives you access to your money on your smartphone, tablet, pc or mac, what if you don’t own a phone, tablet or pc, or like we mentioned earlier this gets stolen, lost or stops working unexpectedly?

For those poorest 2 billion people in the world who do not have a bank account, and who live on less than $2.50 per day, a pc, mac, tablet, and maybe even smartphone (despite low 2nd hand prices and network charges) it may still be beyond the affordability of individuals. This is what makes the Dagcoin webwallet so useful. One family using the same smartphone can all log in to their individual accounts separately via the webwallet. Likewise, in very rural communities with poor mobile reception, community shared PC’s can also be used to access the webwallet. This solution provides some of the poorest people in the world their first access to safe and secure banking and money services beyond cash. And, all the opportunities that it brings.

However, as we mentioned above, it gives those who have lost their phone, an option to still make or receive important payments via a different device. Imagine having your phone and wallet with all your cash and cards were stolen while abroad on holiday or for business. Getting access to your money to buy food or a ticket home could be almost impossible. By using Dagcoin via the webwallet on any internet-enabled device, you still have access to your money to make payments and get home safely without any further issues.

As with the DagWallet, access is password protected, to ensure that you and you alone have access to your money. And, that it remains safe and secure no matter what.

Open a webwallet for yourself by visiting https://wallet.dagcoin.org/.


Dagcoin is a cryptocurrency that has been built to be used and not traded. It is this focus on usability that is behind the two digital wallets that people can use to spend, receive, and manage their dags:

DagWallet – The DagWallet is a free app that can be downloaded not just to Android and iOS devices, but also Windows, Mac OS, and Linux machines. Meaning that whatever device you own (Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac) you have access to your money when and wherever it is convenient for you. Not only that, it is a cheaper, faster and more secure solution than that currently provided by the banks.

Webwallet – The Dagcoin webwallet makes it possible to access your money on any internet-enabled device, anywhere and at any time. This could be simply and quickly on your work PC to make a quick payment. By family members who all share the same smartphone, tablet or pc. Or, in the event where your usual device (for example smartphone) is lost, stolen or unexpectedly stops working.

Join a growing community of more than 350,000 people already using Dagcoin.