Mahatma Gandhi has said the following: “Capital as such is not evil; it is its wrong use that is evil. Capital in some form or other will always be needed.” It’s a capitalist world, like it or not. People like to buy things. And hey, it’s okay. The problem is that the current financial system is failing. We’re here to make sure that there is a more transparent and fair system functioning parallel to it. And a considerable amount of that outcome lies in the hands of cryptocurrency. So, in regards to the subject of consumerism and shopping, we’re going to talk today about Merchant Finder.

What is Merchant Finder? Merchant Finder is a network of companies that accept Dag payments. The current list consists of several businesses located all around the world and is active in various fields. Have a look who’s already part of the game.

It’s Free and Easy

Joining and being part of the network for the companies is entirely free of charge. The only thing mandatory is ‒ you, as a merchant, need to accept Dag payments. And you, as a consumer, need to own Dagcoins. The concept itself is super simple.

But first, as a quick reminder: what is Dagcoin? It’s (crypto)money which is, along with its other crypto colleagues, on its way towards mainstreaming. In a nutshell: it is and operates the same way as any currency does. Our big plan is to build a safe crypto verse which will one day offer an alternative to the current financial system.

Our aim is that more and more merchants would start accepting Dagcoin. And further from here ‒ more customers would be able to use it more widely, and cryptocurrencies, in general, would, someday, become universally accepted currencies. Hence the Merchant Finder. You can take it as a next step on the crypto highway. But let us explain a little more in detail what are the benefits of joining the network and what the future brings.

Key Benefits of Being Part of the Network

The overall advantages of paying with and accepting cryptocurrency are: it’s cheap, trustworthy and fast. The Merchant Finder registration process is quick and straightforward. At the moment we’re busy working on the verification process, so you as a merchant would “get on the train” in 48 hours max.

Side A: The Merchant

  • Registering the company and opening the account is free of charge;
  • Unified terms and conditions globally;
  • Free marketing and advertising packages for the members of the network;
  • Increased sales thanks to marketing boost;
  • Accepting Dagcoins is more favorable than taking credit or debit cards. Why? Instead of paying 1-5% fee to the bank for receiving the card, the sum for Dagcoins paid by the customer is maximum 0,0005 Dags each time you transfer from wallet to wallet;
  • An ever-growing and loyal community of consumers.

There’s only one condition for joining: your business needs to be eligible and registered. We don’t even need you to have an ID card.

Side B: The Consumer

  • Cheap, reliable and fast;
  • Easy and accessible overview of all members of the network;
  • A trustworthy and like-minded community that is on a fast track towards a better tomorrow;
  • Badge of innovation aka being ahead of time.

PS! Anyone who pays with Dagcoins in 2018 will not have to pay any taxes on the transactions. But we have information that the favorable condition will change in 2019 though.

As a conclusion DAG-chain based Dagcoins as a currency is the future. Merchant Finder offers a unique, reliable and a lot cheaper way to do business. As a merchant, and as a customer. It’s a classic win-win situation.

Our promise to you: we shall always keep evolving, and Merchant Finder will become even easier and globally accepted to use.

If you have any questions about cryptocurrencies, Dagcoin or anything else related to the subject, do not hesitate to get in contact!